The Books of the Bible Kid's Curriculum - Later Elementary | Page 5

THE ANGELS • SAY: When the time came for Jesus to be born, God’s messengers, the angels, announced his coming. • INSTRUCT students to read Luke 1:26–33 with a partner. • ASK: Who was the messenger? (the angel Gabriel) • ASK: Who was the message for? (Mary) • ASK: What was the message? (Mary will give birth to a Son, she will name him Jesus, he will be a great king) • READ aloud Luke 1:34–38, explaining that this birth was a miracle. Define miracle as something extraordinary that only God can do. • SAY: Angels also appeared to Mary’s husband, Joseph, and to shepherds to announce the miraculous birth of the Savior. JESUS’ BIRTH • SAY: Just as the prophets and the angels declared, Jesus the Savior was born in Bethlehem. • INSTRUCT students to read Luke 2:1–7 with a partner. • ASK: Why did Joseph and Mary leave Nazareth? (they had to register for the census in Joseph’s hometown of Bethlehem) Define census as a way of counting people so the government knows how many people live in each town. • ASK: Where was Jesus born and why? (in a stable because there was no room for them to stay in) Define manger as a feeding box for animals. • SAY: Some people waited and watched for Jesus’ birth because they knew it was coming. Wise men from the East watched the sky and followed a star to find Jesus. Others missed this great miracle even though they had been told it would happen. STEP 3 | Explore More Choose from these activity options to help students explore the lesson further. Option 1: Good News! (15 min) Supplies: Good News! worksheet (1 per student), Bibles, pencils or pens Teacher Prep: Print and photocopy the Good News! worksheet. • GIVE each student a worksheet. • INSTRUCT students to work alone or in pairs to look up the verses and copy them onto the worksheet. Tell students to read one or two verses before the one they copy to gain an understanding of context. • PROVIDE assistance as needed as students complete the worksheet. Later Elementary: Lesson 1 New Testament: Jesus Is Born Page 3