The Boiler Expert Magazine - The NTI Boilers Magazine Fall 2018 - Page 5

NEW PRODUCTS AT NTI THE FAMILY CONTINUES TO GROW! NEW PRODUCTS AT NTI HERE AT NTI Boilers, we are passionate about helping contractors to solve their problems in the field and having the right product for any application. With that in mind, we have worked hard over the last several months to bring the latest innovations in the industry to market, such as: • the new FTV Series, featuring a vertical fire tube stainless steel heat exchanger that allows us to add one more option in the combi arena and to provide a more affordable fire tube option up to 190 MBH; and • the update of our TFT Series with the new TFT201 and TFT285, replacing models TFT175, TFT200, and TFT 250. Let’s have a look inside these new products. The new FTV Series has been developed to provide increased performance and efficiency at a reasonable price, especially for residential installations requiring no more than 190 MBH. The FTV condensing boilers are equipped with a fire tube stainless steel heat exchanger for exceptional efficiency and durability and are available in three sizes (110, 150, and 190 MBH), both Heat Only and Combi. The product is 95 percent AFUE, and we are proud to announce that it has just earned the 2018 Most Efficient Award from Energy Star. That proves our commitment to deliver energy savings to end users and to access many local energy rebates. As usual, the FTV Series was designed with our customer needs and satisfaction in mind. It includes our legendary high-energy spark ignition system, an outdoor reset sensor, 120 Volt convenience outlet, universal vent connections, and the best 2” venting in the industry up to 100 ft (up to 150 ft with 3”). All combi models also include the primary loop pump and a low loss header, making installation easy and quicker. We believe this product will be the perfect fit for those who need a powerful and reliable unit for apartment buildings and single-family homes, even if it can be used in many other applications (alone or in cascade configuration). Another recent update involves our well- established and very much appreciated TFT Series. We have improved our offer rationalising the available sizes, making boiler selection easier with increased value for money in all cases. The new lineup includes a new TFT201 and TFT285, replacing models TFT175, TFT200, and TFT250. The new lineup now includes power options of 60, 85, 110, 154, 201, 285, 340 and 399 MBH; covers all requirements; allows for less trouble when it comes to spare-part supplies and sizing; provides an improved 10:1 turndown ratio; offers an easy propane conversion; and allows for increased vent/air-inlet piping length. 5 Whether you choose these boilers or anything else in our product line, you can rest assured that NTI stands behind it, taking full responsibility to ensure our boilers are properly addressing our customer’s needs. When it comes to research and development of new products, we avoid following trends and, instead, focus on the feedback we are getting from our customers. For more information, or to find out what product may be best for your needs, contact your local NTI representative or visit Jason Thompson A Mechanical Engineer by trade, Jason Thompson has worked within the Engineering department of NTI for over 18 years, as an expert in boiler design, testing, manufacture, and application layout. Having managed both the Engineering and Technical Support divisions of the company, he now overseas all Engineering activities as the VP of Engineering.