The Boiler Expert Magazine - The NTI Boilers Magazine Fall 2018 - Page 12

AN NTI SUCCESS STORY AN NTI SUCCESS STORY: HIGH RIVER COLONY CHICKEN BARN The High River Colony is a Hutterite community located about a one hour drive south of Calgary, Alberta, that raises quality poultry products for Alberta consumers. Their production is fully integrated and very respectful of welfare, safety, and quality principles. IN 2017, the Colony decided to build a brand new 30,000 sq. ft. building to accommodate a chicken barn that would significantly increase their production to allow them to properly serve their growing customer base. For the heating system, they decided to trust Frontier Supply Calgary that helped with the design and supplied all the required equipment. High River Colony needed a heating system that could supply approximately 3,000 MBH of heating year-round for the chicken barn and supply a domestic hot water (DHW) demand of approximately 10 GPM of 140° F water. Raising chickens in Alberta is not easy, and the heating system is crucial to maintain a steady and reliable source of heat for the entire year. Failures and shutdowns are not an option in this kind of business. Even a few minutes of cold air can kill all the chickens, and with it, the source of revenue for many months to come. That is why the Colony was looking for a very reliable boiler and a manufacturer that they could trust in case of any need during operations. Together with Frontier, they decided to trust NTI’s FTG Series for its well-known reliability and for the quality and accessible support provided by the company. The Colony already knew NTI and its staff from a number of previous projects using various NTI products, and they had the proof of the care and attention the company puts on serving customer needs, directly in the field when required. 12