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Page 10B B THE BEACON June 2018 eacon Vacation Several Dearborn Co. artists, as well as others, took a trip to Italy this past summer. Artists in the photo from this area include Jackie Sims, holding The Beacon, Mary Moore, (4th back on left but partially hidden,) and fourth from the right, Gloria Holland, then Karen Gillard (Ohio Co.), and Instructor, Sandy Maudlin, (second from right). The picture was taken during one of their dinners in Umbria. Dawn and Jim Helfrich, twenty-five year residents of Bright, visited Puerta Vallarta, Mexico during the cold winter months. The weather was 80+ every day with not a single cloud in the sky. Note the news paper (not Jim’s t-shirt!) TAKE YOUR BEACON ON VACATION If business or pleasure takes you out-of-town, take your hometown newspaper along for the trip. Send your photo, displaying the Beacon, to editor @goBEACONnews. Please include where you live. It’s interesting to see how well-traveled our readers are! HVL residents Ginny Boyer, Kathy Barnum, Jim Barnum, & Dennis Boyer visited Belize in February. PAMPERED PETS CERTIFIED GROOMER GROOMING SPECIALIST SMALL CLIENTELE FOR BEST RESULTS CALL 513-374-9231 MAUREEN 1st Visit 10% Discount Specializing in Yorkies, Shih Tzu’s, Lhasa’s, Smaller Terrier Breeds and Other Small Dogs BOARDING AVAILABLE Enjoying a recent Hawaii vacation and tour of Pearl Harbor are Lisa and Bernie Nobbe, Ken Trabel, Tom Jacobs, Rhonda Trabel, Ken Webb, Cheryl and Joe Lieland, Jane and Bud Hiltz, Connie Webb, Sandy McClure, Bernice Jacobs, Brad McClure. They DID have the Beacon with them, but could not take it in to Pearl Harbor because they were not allowed to bring anything in that didn’t fit in their pockets! 1582 Harrison Brookville Rd. West Harrison, IN 47060 Office: 812-637-3222 Cell: 513-600-0260 3 Important steps if you are buying or selling your home Step #1 Step #3: Step #2 Logan Creek Realty Established 2012 812-221-4879 IF YOU LIKE THE BEACON…PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS, AND TELL THEM YOU SAW THEIR ADS IN THE BEACON. THANK YOU!