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Page 2A THE BEACON June 2018
By Tamara Taylor
Location , Location ...
My cousin was reading the Harrison column ( page 6B ) and stopped , staring at me in awe . She grew up in a small town in Connecticut , the kind where everyone knows your name . Sound familiar ?
All small towns must be the same , right ? Wrong . My cousin ’ s awe was caused by the outpouring of love and support shown by the town of Harrison for one ten-yearold boy who was undergoing cancer treatments . I won ’ t spoil the joy of reading the article for you but suffice it to say that every creature was stirring , and even the mouse . “ That would never have happened where I grew up ,” said my cousin as she shook her head .
We all get comfortable in our lives and our surroundings . That ’ s human nature . But comments like my cousin ’ s make me stop and realize how special our community is .
So let ’ s talk about comfort . The comfort of your home is something we take for granted ... until your HVAC needs service . Then what ! If you are lucky , you already know about the incredibly competent voice you will reach when you call Hirt and Ellco in Batesville . That voice belongs to Scott Lamping and has consoled a number of home owners over the years .
But Scott ’ s involvement in the community goes way beyond his responsibilities as one of the owners of Hirt and Ellco . His employees describe him as a very considerate man who has a great deal of compassion . He sits and truly listens to people . Shannon Snelling said , “ Scott is a genuinely nice guy , He treats all of his employees like family .”
Mr . Lamping is a member of St . Louis Catholic Church in Batesville . Naturally , when he sees a need at the church ,
he does his best to fill it . Mr . Lamping is a Eucharistic minister who gives out the bread and wine during mass . For over two decades Mr . Lamping has also been a monthly volunteer at Bingo . That dedication alone is enough to make me want to attend Bingo just to see what Mr . Lamping ’ s bingo-calling skills are !
Oldenburg Academy has proven to be a source of great inspiration for Mr . Lamping . He has been a member of OASIS ( Oldenburg Academy Students in Sports ) for almost a decade . For the past several years , he has taken on the all-encompassing role of president of the organization . OASIS has a multitude of annual fund raisers to help with the cost of student-athletes ’ uniforms , equipment , and entrance fees . Special projects such as refinishing the gym floor and building a storage / practice barn have also been funded by OASIS . Mr . Lamping has been instrumental in raising over $ 170,000 which included funds for O . A .’ s Big Bus and two other buses that make participation in sports possible for the students .
Scott Lamping has instilled the tradition of giving back to one ’ s community in his family . He and his wife , Sarah , are deeply rooted in the community .
One can always find Mr . Lamping selling pretzels and drinks at the annual Oldenburg Freudenfest or volunteering at the annual OASIS Cornhole Tournament held in the Fall . He is also instrumental in organizing the Oldenburg Classic Basketball Tournaments for seventh- and eighth-grade boys and girls . And I heard Mr . Lamping often shows off his culinary skills at the annual OASIS Breakfast held each April . Once in a while , you might even find him selling concessions at OA home games .
Scott Lamping was recently awarded the Theresa Hackelmeier Leadership Award . The honor is bestowed upon someone who demonstrates outstanding leadership and service in support of Oldenburg Academy . Mr . Lamping has certainly gone above and beyond to create new initiatives to inspire others to ‘ lean in ’ and support the students at O . A .
The Lamping family has been an avid supporter of the Batesville YMCA . Mr . Lamping served on the board for six years and can always be counted on to lend a helping hand . “ Scott always has a smile on his face and is a pleasure to work with ,” said Ted Harmeyer , CFO of the YMCA . Although Mr . Harmeyer and Mr . Lamping have been friends since college , no secret stories could be divulged .
Mr . Lamping ’ s community spirit of giving back is shared by his wife , Sarah . She is the Economic Development Director for the City of Batesville and has been instrumental
in promoting its new slogan , “ Craft Your Life .” The slogan reflects the key things that define Batesville such as innovative education at public and private schools . The Lamping family ’ s commitment to Batesville is indicative of a rich history of community involvement .
The spirit of giving back has been instilled in his children as well . His daughter Ella is involved in a community outreach program spanning across continents to Africa where she helps people with entrepreneurial spirit . I am sure you share my curiosity for learning more about her once-in-a-lifetime experience . Stay tuned !
Mr . Lamping ’ s youngest son , Stuart , is currently showing interest in signing up for the Coast Guard . His oldest son Peter just graduated from UC and will be traveling the world in his newest endeavors .
Many thanks to Scott and his entire family for making our community what it is today .
Someone who owns property in Ohio County and is there on the weekends recently shared with a mutual friend that her neighbors don ’ t stop by to visit . Hopefully , this is not indicative of our wonderful culture changing from the pressures of our fast-paced world . I can only encourage her , and you , to reach out to your neighbors , both new and old , to say hello . The unexpected “ gift ” that you discover will come back tenfold when you least expect it .

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Page 2A THE BEACON By Tamara Taylor Location, Location... My cousin was reading the Harrison column (page 6B) and stopped, staring at me in awe. She grew up in a small town in Connecticut, the kind where everyone knows your name. Sound familiar? All small towns must be the same, right? Wrong. My cousin’s awe was caused by the outpouring of love and support shown by the town of Harrison for one ten-year- old boy who was undergoing cancer treatments. I won’t spoil ѡ䁽ɕѡ)ѥȁԁЁՙ)ѼͅѡЁٕ䁍ɕɔ݅)ѥɥٕѡ͔+qQЁݽձٕȁٔ)ݡɔ$ɕ܁t)ͅ䁍ͥ́͡͡)ȁ)]Ёх)ȁٕ́ȁɽչ)̸Qӊéյɔ) Ё́)ͥéѽ)ɕ锁܁ȁ)չ䁥̸)MӊéхЁи)QЁȁ)́ͽѡݔх)Ʌѕչѥȁ!Y )͕́٥QݡЄ%)ԁɔՍ䰁ԁɕ)܁Ёѡɕ)ѕЁٽԁݥ)ɕݡԁ!Ё) ѕ٥QЁٽ)́ѼMЁ1)́ͽյȁ)ݹٕ́ȁѡ啅̸) ЁMӊéٽٕ)ѡչ䁝́݅)役́ɕͥѥ)́ѡݹ́!)!́啕)͍ɥٕ́䁍)ͥɅєݡ́ɕ)ͥ!ͥ)ձ䁱ѕ́Ѽ)MMͅqM)́ե䁹䰁!)ɕ́́啕́)今t)5ȸ1́)Mи1ե́ ѡ ɍ) ѕ٥9Ʌ䰁ݡ)͕́Ёѡɍ)́́ЁѼи5ȸ)1́Սɥѥ)ѕȁݡٕ́Ёѡ)ɕݥɥ̸)ȁٕȁݼ́5ȸ)1́ͼ)ѡٽչѕȁЁ )QЁѥ)՝Ѽ݅ЁѼ)ѕ ЁѼ͕ݡ)5ȸ1é)ͭ́ɔ)=ɜ䁡)ɽٕѼͽɍɕ)Ʌѥȁ5ȸ1)!́ȁ)=M%L=ɜ)MՑ́M̤)Ёȁѡ)͕ٕɅ啅̰́х)ѡͥɽ)ɕͥЁѡɝѥ)=M%ĹձѥՑ)ՅչɅ͕́ѼݥѠ)ѡЁՑеѡѕϊd)չɵ̰եа)Ʌ̸Mɽ)Ս́ɕ͡ѡ)ȁեѽɅ)Ʌѥɸٔͼ)չ=M%L5ȸ1)́յх)ɅٕͥȀݡ)Ցչ́ȁ<é ) ́ݼѡȁ͕́ѡ)ѥѥ)ͥȁѡՑ̸))չ)MЁ1́ѥѡɅѥ٥Ѽ)éչ䁥́丁!́ݥMɅ)ɔɽѕѡչ)=݅́5ȸ)1͕ɕ镱́)ɥ́ЁѡՅ=)ɜɕՑЁȁٽո)ѕɥЁѡՅ=M%L) ɹQɹЁ)ѡ!́ͼ)յхɝ饹ѡ)=ɜ ͥ ͭщ)Qɹ́ȁ͕ٕѠ)ѠɅ́ɱ̸)$ɐ5ȸ1)ѕ́́͡ձ)ͭ́ЁѡՅ=M%L) ɕЁɥ)=ݡԁ)̴ٕ͕)ͥ́Ё≠)MЁ1݅́ɕѱ)݅ɑѡQɕ̈́!)ȁ1݅͡ɐ)Qȁ́ѽݕ)ͽݡɅѕ)х͡)͕٥Ё=)ɜ丁5ȸ1)́х䁝ٔ)役Ѽɕє܁ѥѥٕ)Ѽɔѡ́Ѽad)ЁѡՑ́Ё<)Q1䁡)٥ѕȁѡ) ѕ٥e5 5ȸ1)͕ٕѡɐ)ͥ啅́݅́)չѕѼ)qMЁ݅́́)͵́́)ɔѼݽɬݥѠtͅQ)!ɵȰ <ѡe5 )ѡ՝5ȸ!ɵ)5ȸ1ٔ)ɥ͕́ͥɕ)ѽɥ́ձձ)5ȸ1éչ)ɥЁ٥́͡ɕ)䁡́ݥMɅM)ѡٕ)ɕѽȁȁѡ 䁽 ѕ̴)٥́Դ)хɽѥ́)ͱq ɅЁeȁ1t)Qͱɕ́ѡ)ѡ́ѡЁ ѕ٥)Ս́مѥٔՍѥ)ЁՉɥمє̸͍)Q1é)ѵЁѼ ѕ٥)ѥٔɥѽ䁽)չ䁥ٽٕи)QɥЁ٥)́ѥ)ɕ́ݕ!́՝ѕ)́ٽٕ)չ䁽ɕɽɅ)ɽ́ѥ́Ѽ)ɥݡɔ́͡)ݥѠɕɕɥɥи$)ɔԁ͡ɔ䁍ɥͤ)䁙ȁɹɔЁ)ѥɥ)Mхչ)5ȸ1éչ)ͽMՅа́ɕѱܴ͡)ѕɕЁͥ)ѡ ЁՅɐ!́)ͽAѕȁЁɅՅѕɽ)U ݥɅٕѡ)ݽɱ́ݕЁٽ̸)5ѡ́ѼMЁ)́ѥɔ䁙ȁ)ȁչݡЁЁ)ѽ)Mݡݹ́ɽȴ)䁥= չ䁅́ѡɔ)ѡݕ́ɕѱ)͡ɕݥѠՅɥ)ѡЁȁ́eЁѽ)Ѽ٥ͥи!ձ䰁ѡ́)Ёѥٔȁݽȴ)հձɔɽѡ)ɕɕ́ȁе)ݽɱ$䁕Ʌ)Ȱ԰ѼɕЁѼ)ȁ̰Ѡ܁)Ѽͅ䁡Qչ)ѕqӊtѡЁԁ̴)ٕȁݥѕ)ݡԁЁЁи)PM5)QM5) ե͔٥ͥ)ݥѠɥ́ѕɅѥٔ)͡܁ɥͥͥ)ɕ̰͔ͥ́)̸)QՕ͑䃊Z)չ(ȁA41ɕɜAՉ1Ʌ)(؁A49Ѡɉɸ Ʌ)ܹ)=ٕȀİɥѥɽݥQٕѥ͔ȴܴ)Q!)  =8)AՉ͡Ƚѽ)QɄ4Q屽)AՉ́͡ɥ)酉Ѡ5ɥ̰ є ٥Ѽ)ȁٕѥͥɅєեɥ)ѼՉЁ́ѽ)ѽ  =9̹)Aȴܴ)Ḿ5Ȁ9܁չ)MͅM呕ȁݕͥє)  =9̹)ѽɥͥх) ]Q ́)ѡՉѥݥѠ)ɥѥɉɸI)Ʌ= չѥ́)%!ɥͽ=)AՉͥ͡и) յ̀ ɥѽ)ͥ5ᅹȰ)ɥ ѕȰMͅ ѥ)I٥̰A))!ݱ䰁1!Ս̰)1%ɽѠ- )ͽ)I)ͽ1Ʉ-Ȱ)酉Ѡ1 ɥ́9)Aɥ͵MͅI)ɕM̰1M)MՔMа)MѠ)M谁5ѱ]є)9]̰i)AɽՍѥ)`ͥ%) 9̰%)A< Ȱ)1ɕɜ%Ը)5)ɉɸ չ) ȁ ɍ)I չ) ȁ ɍ) ɥЁɕ ͥ́ͽѥ) ѕ٥ ) ɍ)%e=T1%-Q!  =;A1MMUAA=IP=UHYIQ%MIL9Q10Q!4e=TM\Q!%HL%8Q!  =8Q!9,e=T