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Page 2B THE BEACON June 2018


By Debby Stutz
Community Correspondent
bright @ goBEACONnews . com

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So the official news is out ! Matt and Effy Euson along with Nick and Meagan Roberts of Bright are opening a family restaurant on the corner of Stateline Road and Megrue Drive . Nick Roberts said the menu is focused on fresh food . No frozen meats or produce . They will offer a full bar and live entertainment too ! Construction is scheduled to begin in May , and the goal is to open in November 2018 . I don ’ t know about everyone else , but new options for eating out locally is always a fantastic idea . Good luck and much success to the Euson and Roberts families . Bright Area Business Association ( BABA ) will sponsor the Ninth Annual BABA Golf Outing on May 21 . The shotgun start is scheduled for 1 pm at Hidden Valley Lake . It ’ s not too late to get your team registered . Go to BrightAreaBusinesses . com / events for information . Registration includes lunch and supper . BABA meets on the second Friday each month at the Bright Lions Building on Lamplight Drive . The meeting is open to anyone who is affiliated with a business in the Greater Bright area , as well as anyone who is interested in the current and future economic growth in the area . For more updated information go to their Facebook page .
I love so many things about the month of June . For one thing , it ’ s my birthday month . I ’ ve never been one to dislike having a birthday each year . I mean , it sure beats the alternative . In my mind ’ s eye , I ’ m still in my early 50 ’ s . When my feet hit the floor each morning , I am rudely reminded that my bones are much older than that . June allows


A P illar of the C ommunity for 100 Years !

114 N . Walnut St . Harrison , Ohio

Whitetail Acres

Nursery & Landscaping


8001 Old Blue Creek Road , Brookville , IN 47012

765-647-6812 www . mywhitetail . com

Home owned and Home Operated .

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.... and more Three Convenient Locations

513-367-2015 10490 New Haven Rd . Harrison , Ohio
bankhbl . com
1380 Millville Ave . Hamilton , Ohio


me to enjoy quite a few of my favorite things- evenings on the porch , mowed grass , fireflies , kids on bicycles , and late beautiful sunsets . Even if it ’ s for just a few minutes , I encourage you to take in a deep breath to smell the proverbial roses and watch the lightning bugs come out . Happy June !


By Korry Johnson
Community Correspondent
hvl @ goBEACONnews . com
Are you ready for the summer activities that HVL Children ’ s Activities Committee have scheduled ???? Four FREE outdoor movie nights are scheduled at the ball fields : June 9 , July 21 , Aug 5 , and Sept 5 . Movies start at dusk . Bring your blankets , chairs , drinks , snacks , and kiddos ! Drinks and snacks will be available at the concession stand .
On July 4 , the Annual Bike Parade will start at 10 AM at the ball fields . Decorate your bike and participate in the kid ’ s parade !
“ Hidden Valley Riders Salute to our Veterans ” Memorial Service starts at noon on Sunday , May 27 at the HVL Veterans Memorial near the ball fields . A parade will follow immediately after the service at about 12:45 . The parade route will go down Alpine Drive , to Hidden Valley Drive , to Greentree Road , to Lakeview Drive , to Alpine Drive , and back to the memorial . Please attend to honor our Veterans and stand out in front of your homes to support those in the parade . All motorcycles , golf carts , and other road legal forms of transportation are invited to participate . ( Article submitted by Barry Hansel )
June Birthdays ! Jackie Stoecklin , Christy Hensley , Amy Ward , Jocelyn Sarapata , Karen Hatfield , Cadance Fricke , Madison Delfendahl , Darryl Garland , Kyle Clark , Juni Gillam
June Anniversaries : Don and Jennifer Donelson
New HVL Residents : Raymond and Melissa Brock , Jeremy and Nicole Schoenberger , Tecumseh Billingly , Thomas Slaughter , Robert and Deborah George , Matther Eiting , Lauren Dorfman
Please email me if you have something to share in next months article at hvl @ goBEA- CONnews . com Summer is HERE !!!!


By Laura Keller
Community Correspondent
new alsace @ goBEACONnews . com
New Alsace gained two new residents this year . First-time parents Matt and Missy Fox welcomed daughter Amelia Rose on January 12 . Proud grandparents are Irvin and Rosemary Fox of The Villages , FL , formerly of New Alsace . Mark and Amy Eisele welcomed son John Allen on March 18 . John ’ s proud grandparents include Beverly Graf of New Alsace and Steve and Jeri Eisele of


By Sue Siefert
Community Correspondent
oldenburg @ goBEACONnews . com
Congratulations to the Sisters of St . Francis who recently elected the following Council to serve from July 2018 – June 2024 .
Sister Christa Franzer will lead the Community of 183 Sisters as its Congregational Minister . The Dayton , OH native is a graduate of Marian University , Xavier University , and the University of Notre Dame . She has ministered in education and currently serves
St . Leon . Congratulations to the Fox and Eisele families on their new additions !
Memorial Day is a federal holiday established to honor those who lost their lives while serving our country . Every year on Memorial Day , the New Alsace American Legion Post 452 holds services at four local cemeteries . If you ’ ve never attended a service , I highly encourage you to attend one . It ’ s a fitting tribute to honor the many brave men and women who dedicated their lives to serve and protect our country .
On Monday , May 28 , services will be offered at the following locations :
• 8:30 a . m . – East Fork Church
• 9 a . m . – All Saints Parish – St . John ’ s campus
• 9:30 a . m . – All Saints Parish – St . Martin ’ s campus
• 10 a . m . – All Saints Parish – St . Paul ’ s campus If you ’ re a euchre-connoisseur , you won ’ t want to miss the monthly euchre tournaments at The New Alsace American Legion Post 452 . Mark your calendars for May 20 and June 10 . Registration begins at noon and games start at 1 p . m .
If you have news in the New Alsace area you ’ d like me to share , please contact me at Newalsace @ goBEA- CONnews . com .
Front : S . Christa Franzer and S . Delouise Menges . Back : S . Annette Grisley and S . Barbara Leonhard .
in the community ’ s finance office as well as in institutional research at Marian University .
Sister Delouise Menges , First Councilor , is a Cincinnati native , a graduate of Marian University , University of Notre Dame , and St . Mary ’ s University . She has ministered in education for the past 47 years , currently at St . Veronica School in Cincinnati .
Sister Barbara Leonhard , Councilor , is a St . Charles , MO native , a graduate of Marian University , Catholic Theological Union of Chicago and the Theological Union of Berkeley , CA . She currently ministers as the retreat leader and provides spiritual direction based in Oldenburg .
Sister Annette Grisley , Councilor , is a Logansport native , a graduate of Marian University , Xavier University , and St . Mary ’ s College , and currently serves as a Pastoral Associate at Holy Angels Church in Dayton , OH .
In other village news , Oldenburg Academy students have expanded their learning ( and in some cases their waistlines ) as they frequent the local antique store after school to enjoy some homemade ice cream . They soon discovered the owner ’ s 45 rpm record collection , and he showed them how to operate the turntable . The curious students are now jamming to the “ oldies ” and often sing along . I mention this because I thought everyone knew how to operate a turntable … but then I realized the difference in our ages . Could I be getting old ? Good to know that music spans all ages !
Das ist alles von der ’ Burg !
Page 2B BRIGHT/ SUGAR RIDGE By Debby Stutz Community Correspondent So the official news is out! Matt and Effy Euson along with Nick and Meagan Rob- erts of Bright are opening a family restaurant on the corner of Stateline Road and Megrue Drive. Nick Roberts said the menu is focused on fresh food. No frozen meats or produce. They will off W"gV&"@ƗfRVFW'FVBF6Ч7G'V7F266VGVVBF&VvখBFRv2FVখfV&W"#F( @r&WBWfW'RV6R'W@WrF2f"VFrWBЦ6ǒ2v2fF7F2FVvBV6BV67V66W72FFRWW6B&&W'G2f֖ƖW2'&vB&V'W6W7276Ф6F$$v76 FRFV$$v`WFr#FR6BЦwV7F'B266VGVVBf"ЦBFFVfWRN( 2@FFRFvWBW"FV&Vv2ЧFW&VBvF'&vD&V'W6ЦW76W26WfVG2f"f"ЦF&Vv7G&F6VFW0V6B7WW"$$VWG2FR6V6Bg&FV6FBFR'&vBƖ0'VFrƖvBG&fRFRVWFr2VFPv2ffƖFVBvF'W6ЦW72FRw&VFW"'&vB&V2vV2Rv2FW"ЦW7FVBFR7W'&VBBgWGW&PV6֖2w&wFFR&Vf"&RWFFVBf&FvFFV"f6V&vRऒfR6Fw2&W@FRFbVRf"PFrN( 2ג&'FFFञ( fRWfW"&VVRFF6ƖPfr&'FFV6V"VB7W&R&VG2FRFW&ЧFfRג֖N( 2WR( Ч7FגV&ǒS( 2vVגfVWBBFRf"V6&r'VFVǒ&V֖BЦVBFBג&W2&RV6FW"FFBVRw0vFWF7&W0W'6W'bG66pt$DT4TDU B&VR7&VV&B'&fRCs scRcCrc wwrחvFWF6Ф%$4%TDpb544D"bFR6VGf"V'2TU2@4TT%$DPPvV@RW&FVBEU$r6PW0FFvRv6VP&Rvfpv%$4%TDpPf@67&VVVVG2E`b3.( ЧW &涖pbf 544DPFRf&P( "0P"CbFR6&7F06VG6V f"66V@V'2( "4T4p44TE0BT44DVG&W066WFV@F&Vv#bऄTU2p4TT%$DP( "G&vp54$v&RVB4du0#`EU$r%$4%TDrb( "$vRv44TE0&RvfrvT"dU%4%$ddPR3.( fB67&VVE`S( "4U%Dd4DU0bDU4@RFRf&PFG&W73P4dR6&7F0DU4@$U0R( "3C6V 66V@S23crCs@S23cr#PS2Ӄc2C BT44D( "ƖP&涖r&BVG&W0vW@7BCWpfV&B3֖fP66WFVBrF&Vv#bfRआ'&6'&6֖FG&vrv&RVB#`( "&P&涖p&涆&6Ф%$4%TDrbT"dU%4%$ddPSB&PF&VR6fVVB6F0FG&W73R3S23crCs@BvWB7Bआ'&6S23cr#PCWrfV&Bआ'&6&涆&6УS2Ӄc2C 3֖fRfRआ֖FDR$T4VR#W"6VFW0RFVVFRfWrbאff&FRFw2WfVw2FR&6vVBw&72f&RЦfƖW2G2&76W2BFP&VWFgV7V6WG2WfVbN( 0f"W7BfWr֖WFW2VЦ6W&vRRFFRFVW'&VFF6VFR&fW&&&6W2BvF6FRƖvFp'Vw26RWBVRDDTdUP'''66VG6'&W7FV@fv$T4Ww26Ф&RR&VGf"FP7VW"7FfFW2FBd6G&V( 27FfFW26֗BЧFVRfR66VGVVCfW e$TRWFF"fRvG0&R66VGVVBBFR&fVG3VRVǒ#VrR@6WBRfW27F'BBGW6'&rW"&WG26'2G&2662BFF2G&2B662v&RfЦ&RBFR66W767FBVǒBFRV&P&FRv7F'BB@FR&fVG2FV6&FRW &RB'F6FRFPN( 2&FR( ĆFFVfW&FW'06WFRFW"fWFW&>( VЧ&6W'f6R7F'G2B7VF#rBFRdfWFW&2V&V"FP&fVG2&FRvfЦrVFFVǒgFW"FP6W'f6RB&WB#CRFP&FR&WFRvvFvRG&fRFFFVfWG&fRFw&VVG&VR&BFWfWrG&fRFPG&fRB&6FFRVЧ&V6RGFVBF"W fWFW&2B7FBWBg&@bW"W2F7W'BF6PFR&FRF&76W2vb6'G2BFW"&BVvf&2bG&7'FF&PfFVBF'F6FR'F6P7V&֗GFVB'&''6VVR&'FF26P7FV6Ɩ6&7GV6Wגv&B6Vǖ6&ЧF&VFfVB6F6Pg&6RF6FVfVЦFF''v&BP6&VvФVRfW'6&W3F@VfW"FV6Wrd&W6FVG3&ЦBBVƗ76'&6W&VגB6R66VЦ&W&vW"FV7V6V&ƖvǐF26VvFW"&&W'@BFV&&vV&vRBЧFW"VFrW&VF&fV6RVRbRfP6WFrF6&RW@F2'F6RBfv$TФ4Ww267VW"0U$RUr44P'W&VW 6VG6'&W7FV@Wr66Tv$T4Ww26ФWr66RvVBGvWp&W6FVG2F2V"f'7BFP&VG2GBB֗77fvV6VBFVvFW"VƖ&6RV'"&V@w&G&VG2&R'f@&6V'fbFRfЦvW2df&W&ǒbWp66R&BאV6VRvV6VB6V&6( 0&VBw&G&VG26VFP&WfW&ǒw&bbWr66PB7FWfRBW&V6VR`7BV6w&GVF2FFRfBV6VRf֖ƖW2FV"WrFFF2V&F2fVFW&ƖFW7F&Ɨ6VBF F6Rv7BFV"ƗfW0vR6W'frW"6VG'WfW'V"V&FFRWr66RW&Ц6Vv7BCS"G06W'f6W2BfW"66VWFW"ЦW2b^( fRWfW"GFVFV@6W'f6RvǒV6W&vPRFGFVBRN( 2fBЧFrG&'WFRF"FR琦'&fRVBvVvFVF6FVBFV"ƗfW2F6W'fPB&FV7BW"6VG'F#6W'f6W2v&RffW&VBBFPfvr6F3( "s3( 2V7Bf&6W&6( "r( 26G2&6( 07B( 26W0( "r3( 26G2&6( 27B'F( 26W0( "r( 26G2&6( 07BV( 26W0b^( &RWV6&R62Ч6WW"Rv( BvBF֗70FRF