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Page 8A M THE BEACON DEAR, ARIE By Marie Segale Dear Marie, I have a dilemma. Recently I learned my niece got married a few months ago. I was some- what hurt that I had missed the wedding; I was always so close to her when she was growing up. She is my sister’s oldest child. Then I learned it was a simple ceremony because of some extenuating circum- stances that prevented a large family wedding celebration. I would like to give my niece and her new husband a mean- ingful wedding gift. I’d rather not send a check or a gift card. I’m not sure what to do. Marie, what do you think? Becky in Milan Dear Becky, I see your dilemma. I suggest you give your niece something that would be meaningful to her. Do you have a family heirloom? Maybe you have something your niece always liked? It could be anything really, a piece of china, a set of Champagne goblets, a decora- tive serving bowl, a piece of Sterling silver, a handmade quilt. You get the idea. I remember when my aunt gave me a beautiful green salad bowl that I had always ad- mired; it looks as if it is made of lettuce leaves. After she gave the bowl to me, I found out it is Rookwood Pottery. I was so delighted to receive it and still am today, twenty years later. Have a pressing issue? Contact Marie@goBeacon- g o BEACON n e w s . c o m January 2019 Local Dancer Performs in Cincinnati Ballet’s Nutcracker Local dancers Athena Evans, Lawrenceburg, has once again earned the honor of performing in the Cincinnati Ballet’s presentation of The Nutcracker. Ms. Evans has been hard at work since August, balancing weekly rehearsals, regularly scheduled dance classes, and academic studies, while contributing to one of Cincinnati’s most beloved holiday traditions. The Nutcracker features a cast of over one hundred fifty children from the tri-state area. (Photo courtesy of Amy Elisabeth Spasoff) Uniting A Community in Need United Way… Who are we and what do we do United Way is YOUR way of uniting communities to change lives. Community input on issues affecting our area drives our goal to make a lasting change. United Way Southeast Indiana is a part of United Way of Greater Cincinnati that serves ten counties in our region. While programs throughout these areas may be known as something slightly different, the mission of the areas in which we serve is the same. Throughout the region we partner with one hundred forty agencies; fifteen of those agencies are local to South- east Indiana. They include Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati, The Clear- inghouse, High Point Health’s state navigation program, Dearborn County Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), Heart House home- less shelter, Hoosier Hills Literacy League, Girls Scouts, Lifetime Resources, New Hope services, Hew Horizons rehabilitation , One Communi- ty One Family, Safe Passage, Southeast Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation, The Salvation Army, and Youth Encouragement Services. These groups help provide basic needs and services to children, families, seniors, individuals with disabilities. Along with supporting these partner agencies, United Way also leads efforts in the community with numerous programs. One is Success by 6, which ensures that children are ready for kindergarten. United Way also works with 211, a social service hotline for individuals who need help finding resources in their time of need. This call center is open 365 days a year twenty- four hours per day and has a listing of all nonprofit organi- zations in our area. EITC, a free tax prepara- tion service for qualifying individuals, is another United Way program. Residents can visit to determine if they qualify. Sites are located throughout the region. United Way re- cruits and trains volunteers to become VITA, IRS certified to help individuals complete federal and state tax forms. An online version of the pro- gram is also available at www. for those who wish to file their taxes on their own. The services pro- vided by EITC have brought back over twenty-one million dollars to the region in 2018 alone, with over $100,000 of that right in our community. Partners for a Competitive Workforce, is a part of United Way of Southeast Indiana that works to help families in need to become successful. They provide information about services that can help them reach their full potential and become self-sufficient. To learn how you can become involved, contact United Way at 812-537-2009. THE BEACON - Bringing our Community and Businesses Together.