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January 2019 THE BEACON Page 3A Port Property Agreement Extended Continued from page 1A focused on repositioning efforts at the site, including demolition and environmen- tal remediation planning. Environmental remedia- tion activities included the abatement and removal of asbestos-containing materi- als, the removal of universal waste, and the closure of the site’s former coal combustion residual complexes. Both the Ports of Indiana and Tanners Creek Develop- ment, LLC are private entities that are self-funded. No tax dollars from the state or local governments are provided to the Ports of Indiana. All of the port revenue will be reinvest- ed into infrastructure. Three ports are currently located in Indiana- Jeffer- sonville, Mount Vernon, and Burns Harbor/Portage. The operation of these three ports facilitates nearly 60,000 jobs in our community. Revenue from these ports is estimated to be over $7.8 billion per year for the state economy. The ports in Indiana have proven to have a significant economic impact on the state and local communities. Busi- nesses generated from a port includes cargo and industrial facilities that handle coal/ coke, fertilizer, grain, lime- stone, soybean products, steel materials, cement, and other cargo. During the first half of 2018, the three Indiana ports This month's item is still used today and serves an important purpose. What is it? Last month’s item was a clothes wringer washer. The hand crank wringer squeezed the water out of the clothes. “This month’s item really looks like what my Grandmother, Katherine Gompf, attached to her wash tub in the 1940’s, a clothes wringer. She used it before hanging them on a clothesline,” said Mike Patterson, Lawrenceburg. Richard Cutter of Lawrenceburg, shared, “It looks like an item my Last month: a great grandmother had in her clothes wringer basement that she called a hand washer. crank clothes wringer that she clamped to a two by four laid over her washtub.” Readers who correctly identified the item include Tom O’Neil, Manchester; Robert Chambers Sr., West Harrison; Ed Oehlman, Brookville; Jan Leugers, West Harrison; “This month’s item is a clothes hand wringer that attaches to a stand between two wash tubs. I have one, and I used it back in the 1940’s,” submitted Harriet Mellott, Guilford. This month’s challenge is quite interesting. Even if you don’t know what the gadget is, you will find the answer surprising. (Hint: the quarter is only shown for scale. It is NOT a part of the answer!) Please e-mail your guesses to by Friday, Dec. 21. Good luck! sponsored by Cornerstone Realty/Lutz Auction Services reported that they are on track to beat the record-breaking shipping year that they had in 2017. The Mount Vernon port located along the Ohio River had more cargo during the first half of 2018 than any port in US history. The port in Evansville reported that approximately 4.7 million tons of cargo were handled during the first half of 2018- a thirty-six percent increase from the same time last year. The Lawrenceburg site for the port offers major support systems for the potential port. Its location in Lawrenceburg is at the intersection of three Midwest states: Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. The site is located within close proxim- ity to major hub cities includ- ing Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, and Louisville. The transporting of commodities to the site can easily be done by barge, rail, or truck. Storage and manufacturing sites for facili- ties are also readily available or already existing in the area. The potential port in Law- renceburg will be the fourth in the state and the first to be opened since 1985. State Grant Saves Millions on Roads for Taxpayers Continued from page 1A match. All local governments who applied for the grant were required to provide an approved asset management plan for providing matching funds. Funds from the Community Crossings Matching Grant Program can be used for local road or bridge projects. These can include bridge preserva- tion projects, road reconstruc- tion, and small structure re- placements. Material costs for chip sealing and crack filling operations are also eligible for funding. ADA sidewalk and ramp work are eligible so long as the work for the road project tied to those ramps and sidewalks is a minimum of a mill and overlay. Milling and overlaying is the process of grinding asphalt with a milling machine, removing the debris, and installing new asphalt. The overlay must be a minimum of 1 1 / 2 inches. Local governments who perform their own work, such as chip sealing and crack seal- ing, can receive funds for ma- terials. Labor and equipment costs are not eligible. Road and bridge projects submitted must be included and a part of the local government’s com- plete asset management plan. The Community Crossings Matching Grant Program is exceptionally beneficial. State Rep. Randy Frye said, “Re- ceiving these grants will allow local governments to make much-needed repairs and improvements to our transpor- tation infrastructure.” Dearborn County Council President Liz Morris stated, “Dearborn County govern- ment is extremely excited to receive a generous grant again this year during the Community Crossings phase of grant recipients. The county has greatly improved by being able to double our money with that match. We are grateful to the Governor, the General Assembly, and to INDOT for making it possible for Dearborn County to be able to make these improve- ments for our citizens. We have been very successful with this grant program, and it has been a tremendous benefit to the county.” Awarded funds must be spent on the specified proj- ects. No change of location or scope are allowed. Since 2016, INDOT has awarded $300 million in state funds to support local road and bridge projects around the state. INDOT will begin to issue a call for these projects twice a year after the August call. The call for projects will be issued every January and July. A local unit of government will be capped at one mil- lion dollars per calendar year starting in 2019. All county and local government entities will be eligible for both calls next year. Merry Christmas! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. When the season is right for you to make a real estate move, be sure to call The Maddin Team! The Maddin Team 513-519-0006 SHOP LOCAL and tell our advertisers you saw their ads in The BEACON!