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January 2019 O THE BEACON Page 9B ur Communities The marquee once again greets visitors in Lawrenceburg. Horse drawn carriage rides set the tone for the holidays. Joyce Baer and Mial Shauberger III as Mr. and Mrs. Tousey Visiting with Santa are Shaylee Main, Dominic and Dakota Tribbie Beckett Wagner shared cookies with passersby. Santa and Braden Wesley. Diane Acosta, Max (dog) and Debra James LAWRENCEBURG By Debbie Acasio Community Correspondent With all the festivities and busyness of the holiday sea- son, I am amazed to look back and realize that we somehow survived the first ice storm of the season (with related widespread power outages and school closings/delays), the great romaine lettuce scare (yes, I threw out three heads of lettuce), and the burnt fingers from pulling a heavy turkey out of the oven. I was able to attend another successful Paws Rummage Sale at Agner Hall this year. Even with the hundreds of people there, I managed to run into volunteer Penny Schroder again. We had a good laugh because just a few days before, we man- aged to run in to each other among the thousands who attended a large market in downtown Cincinnati. At that same market, I also ran into a young entrepreneur from Lawrenceburg by the name of Emily Thomison. She sells the cutest hand painted signs at local craft shows. This month was the month for craft shows and holiday fun. I attended my share of activities! I worked the food booth for my church at one event and really enjoyed the great help by one of our youngsters, Lily Graff. She was a trouper through two days of hard work! A very successful Holiday Market was held in Lawrenceburg. I snapped a photo of Aurora residents Jared and Janie Tebben as they browsed the two floors packed with holi- day gift and decorating ideas. Small business Saturday was celebrated in Lawrence- burg with a cookie walk and silent auction. Little five-year- old Beckett Wagner helped out her aunt by passing out cookies at one store. Just down the street, I was able to chat with Vicki Reiter who owns the historic church building on Center Street. Vicki gives back to the com- munity by donating her quilts to be raffled off as fundraisers for Paws and Crisis Centers. Her program Sewing Sis- ters teams a disabled person 215 E. Broadway St, P.O. Box 513 Harrison, Ohio 45030 We believe in going beyond what is (513)367-4545 Fax: (513)367-4546 expected to offer each family a caring compassionate service for an affordable price. “Providing funerals and cremations with dignity and compassion.” 215 E. Broadway St, P.O. Box 513 Harrison, Ohio 45030 (513)367-4545 Fax: (513)367-4546 with a “sister” who helps the disabled person to quilt. One of her most recent sister teams included a stroke victim who could no longer sew without help. The historical society had an event the Sunday after small business Saturday. Mial Shauberger III and Joyce Baer were a stun- ning couple dressed up as Mr. & Mrs. Tousey. While munching on cookies and hot chocolate, I was able to browse around, take a ride on a horse-drawn wagon, visit Santa, or pet Diane Acos- ta’s friendly dog Max. Santa’s little helper was Elf Braden Wesley. Congratula- tions to the Clearinghouse for serving almost one thousand meals to the needy at Thanksgiving. This was accomplished with the help of Mike Wallace and Andrea Ewan—not to mention the numerous volun- teers including young Kenna Batchelor and her mom Shanda, Rachel Reynolds, and Kevin Wang. Also, congrats go to Amy and Dennis Payne for orga- nizing a request to the public for wrestling shoes for first- year wrestlers. They were able to fit several wrestlers with shoes. Congratulations to Kyra Jo Hawkins, daughter of Stacey and Malia Hawkins and Will Halbig son of Bill and Stacy Halbig for being chosen as outstanding students of the month at Lawrenceburg High School. Seeing the old Walnut Theater lit up with the words “Welcome to Lawrence- burg” is so good. It makes me reminiscent of taking my young cousins Lisa Castillo and Pam Taylor to see Jaws there. Ahhhh...The good old days! 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