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Page 2A THE BEACON By Tamara Taylor Endings and Beginnings I recently saw a backhoe eagerly ripping into a build- ing, tearing down what once was a dream that grew to serve a community. The general store that occupied Negangards Corner, the intersection of State Road 48 and 101, is no longer. I am sure that those of you who ever went to that store, will remember its eccentricities with great fondness. The store carried everything, or at least so seemed. From ice cream to lunchmeats, to your everyday gardening shovel. I remember stopping at the store with my uncle not so long ago. One could imagine the children of yesteryear January 2019 The Southern Gateway Chorus, a male a cappella harmony group, rehearse for the upcoming holiday events. racing into the store with their pennies tightly clenched in their fists as they sprinted for the cold sodas or the bucket of penny candy. But time does not stand still. What will become of the corner that thousands pass each day? Just as some institutions do not withstand the test of time, others continue to delight the masses for decades. Thanks to the kindness of a dear friend, I recently had the opportunity to attend a practice of the Southern Gateway Chorus, a group that has been delighting audiences for over sixty years. My curiosity about what hear- ing an A Capella chorus was met with amazement. As I watched over fifty gentlemen from all walks of life come to- gether and warm up both their bodies and minds for practice, I pondered what could bring together so many different people from all walks of life. Carpenters to accountants. Teenagers to senior citizens. And then I froze. The melodic beauty that filled the room as they began singing was mesmerizing. Members of the Southern Gateway Chorus have been delighting audiences for over sixty years. Thirteen members of the A Capella harmony chorus are a part of our community- Jim Deaton, Dillsboro; Rock Adams and George Steelman , Harri- son; Gus Pelsor and Bayard Pelsor, Lawrenceville; Al Geis, Batesville; Stephen Jr, Dominic, Bernard, John, and William Reen, New Point; and Larry Eaton, Versailles. Three hours of practice flew by in the wink of an eye and left me clamoring for more. Those of you who attended the US Capital Tree Celebra- tion in Harrison where the group performed know pre- cisely to what I am referring. What a wonderful gift. Just as some events are planned for years, others seem to spring up on a whim. Both have an immeasurable impact on our community. Take the Bright Parade, for instance. A friendly gathering over cups of coffee resulted in almost three decades of celebration with an annual hometown parade. Dale Lutz and his wife Rachel were a part of that original coffee klatsch, along with the Blasdels and the Littles. Their goal was to bring more life to what was then the Bright Fire Depart- ment Festival. And look at the parade now. I’m sure that none of that group sleeps for weeks prior to the annual pa- rade as they continue to strive to make the next parade even better than the last. Dale Lutz is one who certainly pours his heart into everything he does. Having grown up on a dairy farm in Logan, he learned at an early age what hard work is. Years later Mr. Lutz took on the dairy farm himself and later changed over to beef cattle. The farm is still active today. But Mr. Lutz’ sense for business did not stop there. He owns one of the most well-known auction compa- nies in the area. His voice can be heard far and wide at area auctions throughout the year. But it is his hand that is quick to shoot up in the air whenever a nonprofit organi- zation approaches him in need of a fund raiser. I’m sure all of us have attended a benefit auction where we have ex- perienced firsthand Mr. Lutz’ quick wit and sense of hu- mor as he expertly works the crowd for the best result for an organization. His time and efforts have helped countless groups, thus helping the com- munity in which they serve. Often Dale is called upon to list a piece of property with his real estate company, Cornerstone Realty, where he will spot a medical device no longer being used that could benefit a person in need. As a Bright Lion, Mr. Lutz has Dale Lutz as a high school senior at East Central. And still smiling today. been known to open the door of communication between the owners of medical equip- ment and the Bright Lions Club so that these items can be donated to the club’s medi- cal device program. Dale has also been known to bid on and then donate medical items himself to the organization. Countless members of our community have benefited from Mr. Lutz’ foresight and generosity. One event that has become iconic in our area is the Mardi Gras Ball that benefits CASA and is so much fun! Of course, adding to the fun and memories is the auction performed by Dale Lutz. His talents and wit are worth ev- ery penny that is raised at the event. Don’t miss it this year on Feb. 23! Mr. Lutz also gives back to the community by sharing his talents as an auctioneer at The Lincoln Day Dinner, PAWS benefits, several churches, and to help the North Dearborn Food Pantry, This year he raised over $1000 for 4H at a pie auction! Sweet. (Okay. I couldn’t resist.) Ann Jeffries, the founder of the North Dearborn Food Pan- try, shared, “Dale Lutz is one of the finest people I know. If he hears of anything he can do to help someone in need, he is on it.” Thank you, Dale, for all of the lives you have touched and the impact you have made over the years. During this holiday season, please be sure to support our community by visiting the BEACON advertisers. 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