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Page 6B O MANCHESTER THE BEACON ur Communities AURORA By Fred Schmits By Lisa West Community Correspondent Community Correspondent The lights are shining again in Manchester this holiday season! Each year, Chuck and Sherri Heck brighten our community with a wide variety of lighted Christmas themed figures. The Hecks live on the corner of SR 48 and Collier Ridge and fill their corner lot with nearly two hundred figu- rines and 40,000+ lights! Most of this requires electric and so involves thousands of feet of extension cords. Their first display was set up in the mid 1990’s with about ten figures. They describe their displays as ‘old fashioned and non- computerized’. The nativity scene captures my attention as the centerpiece of their collec- tion. Chuck and Sherri’s labor of love takes over one hundred hours for set up and about eighty more hours to take it all down. They told me, “We have met the nicest people you could imagine through our dis- play. This is our small way of giving back to this community we love… keeping Christ in Christmas. We do not partici- Megan is pictured with her fellow bowlers Orafay Sumner, Jennifer and Jessica Johannigman, David Parsons, Ted Kulkulka, Emilie Pank, and Brandon Suttles. Cheerleaders Gracie VanWinkle, Elle Rohrer, Chloe Houze, Makayla Crisswell, and Airiana Roy. pate in any contests. Our re- ward is the stories we hear, as well as the gleam in the eyes of children - and folks of all ages for that matter. They make the work worthwhile!” Come by and visit! The lights will be on from dark until 9:30 P.M. from Dec. 6 through Jan. 1. Another shining star is our own Megan Burger who was showing her bowling skills at the Special Olympics Area 9 Regional Bowling Tour- nament at Woodland Bowl in Indianapolis on Nov. 10. Megan placed first in her Healthcare coverage can be confusing, we can help! “We care about your good health!” 1-888-292-5475 January 2019 Main Street Aurora’s New Year’s Eve Dance 228 Second Street, Aurora Monday, December 31st Reservations Required Tickets $20.00 each Includes admission, dinner, soft drinks, snacks, midnight toast and party favors Chuck and Sherri Heck display nearly two hun- dred figurines and 40,000+ lights each holiday season. group and was awarded a gold medal.  She will advance to the State Tournament on Dec. 1. Megan is the daughter of Doug and Diane Burger. Megan has been involved in Special Olympics bowling for three years and bowls locally at Durbin Bowl. In addition to bowling, Megan volunteers with the Down Syndrome As- sociation of Greater Cincin- nati and is a board member of the Self Advocates of Indiana. As a follow up to last month’s article, the Manches- ter Elementary Cheerleaders placed second in the Cheerfest Competition on Nov. 10! HELLO NEIGHBORS!!! This article was submitted to the editor after the celebra- tion of Thanksgiving. Yet, some neighbors had some experiences to share when the time was spent talking to the “man on the street” or family members during visits. Bob said, “As I get older with another birthday I am constantly thankful every day for all I have and for the USA.” Jim expressed thanks for the chance to live free and to ex- ercise his voice via elections. Bill and others are very thankful for grandchildren. Agreement about the love of grandchildren caused all to be happy!! Talking to neighbors on the street led to conversations about their favorite sayings. For instance, instead of saying “Hail Mary” when grabbing the handlebar in the car when something ahead looks bad, say, “Oh, Oh Hang on.” Another neighbor said, “A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush,” insist- ing that this is more important today than ever before. Tom offered “whatchama- callit” as his favorite word. Sara favors, “Choose wisely or cry later.” A golfing buddy reminded me that, “It’s not how you get there, but it’s the score on the card that counts!” Finally, when the boys at the gossip filtration station (coffee shop) found out their ideas about sayings might appear in the BEACON, they announced that there are times SUNMAN Community Correspondent It sure is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Maybe we will even have a white Christmas this year. I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and is ready for a great Christmas and new year. St. Nicholas School recently accepted a grant in the amount of $4880 from the Ripley County Community when a “this & that” discus- sion leads to the occurrence of many funny things. An example is when a couple sitting at home has a chat. One says, “What is this?” The partner says, “You mean that?” Answered by, “No, this!” And it goes on from there. Sometimes you hear, “Where is it?” followed by, “Where is what?” “You know, ‘that thing!’” “What?” etc. etc. Another conversation some have had at home, as told by one of the boys, involves, “Did you hear me?” answered by, “No, did you say some- thing?” “Yes,” “So what?” “Well, I forgot, you need to listen the first time!” I could cite so many other examples, but by this time everyone was laughing too hard to go on! Bill Ullrich welcomed new family members Waylon and Sutton Deutsch to the family. Proud parents are Kim, Bill’s daughter, and Joe Deutsch. That’s it for this time. The intent was to bring a few smiles to the reader. Let me hear from you. Did you ever wonder… when it snows on a day in November, say the tenth, will it snow ten times in the fol- lowing winter season? Sherri Kirchner, principal at St. Nicholas and Amy Streator, from the RCCF. By Logan Seig Bill Ullrich holds his twin grandchildren Waylon and Sutton Deutsch. Foundation for flexible seating. New, innovative seating arrangements will be coming to several classrooms. St. Nicholas’ new school building is set to open for the 2019-2020 school year. Last month’s question was, “Who were the cashiers at Sunman State Bank when it was authorized in 1901?” The answer is William Robinson and John Goodapple. This month’s question is, “When did a cigar store make its first appearance in Sunman?” Send me an email with your answer! I would like you to let me know about family milestones, vacation, or a little bit about Sunman and yourself. Share the good news with me at sunman@ Call 812.926.1100 235 Main Street Suite #210 IF YOU LIKE THE BEACON…PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS, AND TELL THEM YOU SAW THEIR ADS IN THE BEACON. THANK YOU!