The Atlanta Lawyer February / March 2019 - Page 3

Volume 17, No. 5 | February /March 2019 Contents FEATURES 4 President's Message The Future of Law is Human by N icole G. Ianna rone COLUMNS 7 From the Board Q&A to the Atlanta Bar Boards of Directors 12 The Future of the Law 14 Tech Talk Family Law and 18 Co-Parenting by Heathe r Kuhn There’s an App for That by Ma x Ruthenbe rg - Ma r shal l 20 Under Pressure The Creation of a Committee with a Cause by M i ne r va A . Steele 22 Beyond Molds Finding an Outlet to Grow as a Person by Judge Bianca Motley B room E-filing in Cobb County: Questions & Answers NEWS & NOTES 6 Staff Resource Information 11 2018-19 Monthly Section Events 25 100% Club Listing SECTION UPDATES 26 28 30 31 32 34 Bankruptcy Estate Planning & Probate Labor & Employment Law Solo Practitioner/Small Firm Real Estate Women in the Profession