The Atlanta Lawyer August/September 2020 Vol. 19, No. 2 | Page 7

LORI COHEN Greenberg Traurig , LLP cohenl @ gtlaw . com
There are no words that can properly describe the loss that so many of us felt upon learning about the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg . The news brought a palpable sadness to our nation and to people who value justice and equality around this very small globe of ours . Even in the time of pandemic and relentless strife , she stopped the news cycle and made us catch our breath . My reaction to the loss was that of someone having received news of the loss of a close relative . She was an icon and will live forever through her many accomplishments . She was real and relatable and she loved us , our country and our future deeply . She was a real-life hero .
Regardless of your political ideology , Justice Ginsburg had a profound influence on the United States of America . More than a true believer in equality for all , she was a relentless champion in our corner . Her relationship with Justice Scalia , the civility and even friendship , demonstrated what can and should be part of an honest debate and disagreement .
There are so many memorable and profound RBG quotes . A few of my favorites highlight her passion and commitment to help create a more just world .
• " Real change , enduring change , happens one step at a time ."
Justice Ginsburg was more than a lawyer ; more than a judge . She personified inspiration . More than a role model , she lived her life for the greater good ; for other women ; for the overlooked and the underrepresented — always giving more than she took . These are all ideals for which we should strive , no matter our political beliefs , profession , or station in life .
• " Fight for the things that you care about , but do it in a way that will lead others to join you ."
Justice Ginsburg was a fighter — for others . For truth . For those who would come after her . She was a leader . She understood and cherished the difference between bullying others to agree with you and creating an opportunity for brokering peace and collaboration between so-called enemies .
As a native New Yorker she possessed that true grit that molds champions . And she didn ’ t wait to be invited to the party . Many years before she became the second woman on the Supreme Court in 1993 , she changed the world for women making equality and justice the centerpiece of her legacy .
• " I would like to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the very best of her ability ."
How can we do justice to the memory of someone who was a giant among us — despite humble beginnings and a small stature ?
Reflect on your strengths . Use those to create a better day , a better opportunity , a better world for others . Move forward . Make her proud and demonstrate how much we owe her and how intensely we loved her back . Let ’ s remember her always and be guided by her shining star which shall continue to burn brightly in the sky above all of us .
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