The Atlanta Lawyer April 2018 - Page 24

PAST PRESIDENTS DINNER Annual Gathering of Fellowship and Exchange Past presidents of the Atlanta Bar Association collected on March 20, 2018 at the Capital City Club for their annual gathering of fel- lowship and exchange. Those in attendance, seated in the first row left to right: James D. Blitch IV (2016-17), Elizabeth A. Price (2005-06), Shayna Steinfeld (2008-09), Jacquelyn H. Saylor (2014-15), Executive Director Terri 24 April 2018 Bryant, Benjamin L. Weinberg (1969-70), W. Stell Huie (1968-69), Michael B. Terry (2010-11), David H. Gambrell (1965-66), and Judge T. Jackson Bedford Jr. (1994-95). Second row left to right: Harold E. Franklin Jr. (2015-16), Rich- ard B. Herzog (2006-07), Judge E. Clayton Scofield III (1996-97), Frank B. Strickland (1985-86), C. Wilson DuBose (1995-96), Wade H. Watson III (2013-14), William D. Barwick (1992-93), Lynn M. Roberson (2012-13), and William M. Ragland Jr. (2004-05). Last row left to right: W. Terence Walsh (1991-92), William H. Sch- roder Jr. (1978-79), Bryon Attridge (1971-72), and David N. Schaeffer (2009-10). ▪