The Atlanta Lawyer April 2018 - Page 22

LIFESTYLE/WELLNESS Nothing in Your Fridge? Honey L. Shaw 2L, Georgia State University College of Law hshaw10@student. Although I’m only a second year law student, I’ve heard enough lawyer jokes to fill at least ten casebooks. For the most part, the punchlines have to do with our lack of time. No time for friends, no time for fun, and no time for food! Somehow we manage to keep our friends, have a little bit of fun here and there, but for some of us, maintaining a healthy diet and consistent meal schedule is a little more complicated. 22 April 2018 Instead of waiting in checkout lines, ordering takeout, or hitting the drive thru, many working pro- fessionals in Atlanta are choosing meal kit delivery services to feed themselves and their families. Meal kit services typically pro- vide single, two, or four person meals for three to five days a week. Different companies promote dif- ferent types of dining experiences in their deliveries. You’ve probably heard of na- tional meal kit companies like Blue Apron, Sun Basket, or Hello Fresh. Blue Apron seeks to pro- vide customers with higher quality ingredients by partnering with farmers implementing sustain- able and ecologically friendly farming methods, whereas Sun Basket offers organic produce, as well as Paleo, Gluten Free, and Vegan options. Meal kit services like these offer a variety of benefits, which include saving money, eliminating food waste, and expanding your own culinary skills. You can pick your own menu, or you can leave it up to the company if you’re feeling adventurous! I’ve tried Sun Basket, Blue Apron, and am now awaiting my first Hel- lo Fresh delivery. As someone who loves to cook, these services have opened my eyes (and tastebuds!)