The Atlanta Lawyer April 2018 - Page 17

link to can book time with you. The user sees your availability on the booking page and picks a time that is convenient for them. Once someone books an appoint- ment, you get an email notice and it automatically populates on your synced calendar. If a conflict does arise, either party can cancel or re- schedule the appointment directly through the software. One of the best parts of schedul- ing software is that you can create multiple booking pages for dif- ferent audiences. For example, I have one for clients where my availability is set for business hours and one for networking contacts where my availability is set for only pre-work coffee and lunch time. You can also utilize the booking page to schedule consults, which is particularly useful for potential clients who are on the fence about scheduling their first consultation. For me, sending potential clients a booking page link has increased the percentage of clients who fol- low through with scheduling their consult. The biggest concern I have heard lawyers raise about implementing such software is a fear of giving up control of their schedule. Schedul- ing software has actually increased my control over my schedule. The parameters you set ensure that users can only schedule meetings that work for you. It also helps deal with frustrating situations, such as the client who repeatedly calls you while you are in court or the at- torney who says they are available The Official News Publication of the Atlanta Bar Association THE ATLANTA LAWYER 17