The Art of Design Issue 65 2023 | Page 7

The supply ventilation air ducts remained visible because of this approach , and we chose black tin pipes . Such a ceiling significantly worsens sound insulation , but this apartment is located on the top floor , so there will be no noise from neighbors . We also pointed some lamps at the ceiling ; they highlight its texture and illuminate the interior with reflected light .
Brass retro valves on cast iron radiators are one more element in the factory-like aesthetics .
We chose dark porcelain stoneware and decorative brick for the wall in the living room colored as the sofa upholstery and d├ęcor .
We placed a double-sided wardrobe instead of a partition that divided a living room and a corridor left by
The wall along which the tabletop is located became longer after the redevelopment . But thanks to the layout , only the monolithic wall of column cabinet is visible from the living room , and the large countertop is not noticeable .
We placed a wardrobe for rarely used items and an armchair with a coffee table on the balcony so that the homeowners could relax and enjoy the city view .
The ceiling most strongly references the industrial-like design : as the clients asked , we left the ceiling panel open and did not change its anthropogenic texture in any way .