The Art of Design Issue 64 2023 | Page 34



LOCATION : Moscow , Russia SIZE : 208 sq . m INTERIOR DESIGN : Babayants Architects PHOTO & VIDEO : Sergey Krasuyk STYLIST : Yes We May
Babayants Architects has designed the interior of an apartment in the residential complex “ Sadovie Kvartali ” in Moscow . It was one of the most complicated projects in the bureau ’ s portfolio . To better understand this project , let ’ s get acquainted with the design philosophy .
Babayants Architects apply an architectural approach to designing the interior . In the first place , they work with volumes , space , and light , but not with the décor . Architecture and design are inseparable .
The quality of architecture can be determined by the self-reverence it evokes . This applies to aesthetics , functionality , comfort , harmony , and relevance , joy from staying , using , and contemplating .
In each project , architects raise a query about what a person would like to feel in the space . Is it a sensation of relaxation or focus ? In the opinion of Babayants Architects , personal attention and care put into each element of the space is modern luxury .
As for Babayants Architects , minimalism is not only a style of work . It is a mindset category , attitude to life and a planet . Minimalism is a pursuance of simplicity . It is a refusal of the superfluous in favor of the most significant . Minimalism is for those who don ’ t have to prove anything ; who cares about the internal balance and resource state that helps to live to the maximum . Minimalism is about awareness and honesty with oneself .