The Art of Design Issue 29 2017 | Page 48

48 AWARD-WINNING KARICE ENTERPRISES RELEASES THREE NEW LIGHTING FIXTURES FOR THE MODERN SPACE Bringing even the most ambitious vision Retta to light, British Columbia-based Karice creating a look and feel not otherwise seen in the lighting market. Designed to create Enterprises has enormous passion for Created as the answer to today’s a comfortable, stimulating, and interesting creating beautiful lighting products, minimalism trend, Retta brings happiness, environment, Circulus is constructed out pushing creative boundaries to craft the fulfillment, and freedom to any space. of aluminum and available in 24”, 40”, and unimaginable with their cutting-edge, Named after the Italian word for “straight 47.5” diameter sizes with multiple finishing custom lights. line,” this linear light fixture’s slim shape options. Custom sizes also available. creates modern lines and its LED light gives Diamond Luxennea Series 2 Chandelier Their recent lighting fixture releases are the it high efficiency, low power consumption, result of new innovative designs curated by and long life. Meticulously machined lighting designer Maurice Laurent Dery. end caps with light gold anodized finish, Inspired by the nine-sided Florentine resembling brass, decorate the ends of this diamond, the Diamond Luxennea Series While their main focus is collaboration, trendy design. Retta is available in 18”, 24”, 2 shines brightly at a 45-degree angle that in 2014 Karice began designing their own 36”, and 48” lengths. Custom sizes available casts illumination in a specific direction. Its product line and now carry 18 unique to 20ft long. outside diameter features sharp, faceted products designed and manufactured at their plant in Surrey, Canada. What sets edges creating immense visual interest. Circulus Karice apart from the competition is their The aluminum extrusion of this magnificent light fixture is custom manufactured for state-of-the-art lighting and metal work A symbol of infinite light, the Circulus a smooth, seamless finish. This energy facility. This allows them to specialize in LED pendant transforms any room into efficient LED chandelier can be made to artisan manufacturing; making prototypes, a remarkable experience. Inspired by any size and specification. drawings, and concepts and creating one- geometric shapes, Circulus illuminates of-a-kind masterpieces. 360 degrees as well as above and below,