The APDT Chronicle of the Dog Winter 2022 | Page 18


2022 APDT Conference Business Card and Brochure Contest

This year ’ s Business Card and Brochure Contest at conference showcased a variety of creative interest and unique designs . Choosing a winner was difficult , but there were very specific reasons why P . J . Lacette of Best Paw Forward stood out as our business card winner . While the “ wow ” factor or design of a business card is important , it is imperative for it to also be functional . The winner had to include certain foundational elements in the business card design : 1 .) Contact information ; 2 .) Social media links ; 3 .) Website ; 4 .) Clear messaging on mission and / or business purpose ; 5 .) Legibility of typeface . Best Paw Forward provided legible contact information , multiple methods to learn more about the business including a website and social media , a tag line , logo , and a clear image of the business ’ purpose . Congratulations , P . J .!
Grisha Stewart ’ s brochure for the Grisha Stewart Academy met the requirements for the brochure winner . It was visually enticing while telling a story , provided several call-to-action messages , and remained consistent with her brand . Congratulations , Grisha !
drastically changed my perspective of dogs for the better . It completely flipped my training methods and understanding of behavior . Even on my own team , my employees receive stipends provided by me to continue their education in their respective fields ,” Ines wrote .
Of APDT ’ s strategic plan , it was the goal to increase the value of membership to retain members and attract new ones that caught her attention . She reached out to members she knew who had let their membership lapse to find out why . Several said they felt they weren ’ t getting enough value for their membership . “ To me , this says that some people are being left out of the conversation about what they would consider valuable ,” Ines wrote . “ These are experienced , qualified trainers who should absolutely be a part of APDT to support the next generation of trainers … I would not shy away from hosting live / open forum discussions about what is challenging our members today and what they fear about tomorrow . Leading conversations where everyone feels heard and seen is something I ’ ve mastered through my years as a podcast host , coach and team leader . … From my perspective , the organization that embraces progress , innovation and growth will become the leader of the industry in the future .”
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