The Ansley Paper 2022 - Page 7

Working with Ansley Supports Children ’ s Healthcare of Atlanta Patients Like Mary

It was one month into Mary ’ s first year of high school when her parents started to notice that something was a little off . Mary seemed tired and lethargic all the time and she had a hard time keeping any food down .
When Mary spoke up at a doctor visit , to say she couldn ’ t see anything out of her left eye , her mom , Kery , took her straight to the emergency room at Children ’ s — where two tumors were discovered . Mary began emergency chemotherapy immediately .
“ Dr . Janss happened to be on call , which was a blessing because she ’ s the most incredible doctor in the world , and she ’ s the most experienced with this type of tumor — not just at Children ’ s , but probably in the United States . Maybe even the world ,” her dad , Whitney says .
Neuro-oncologist Anna Janss , MD , who treated Mary , quickly took notice of how special she is . “ She just shoots for the moon . Nothing stops her .”
Mary truly is unstoppable . She has completed treatment and her first set of scans came back clear . She even got her full vision back — an incredibly rare occurrence . She ’ s back at school , active in clubs and marching band , and was chosen to be the homecoming representative for the 10th grade by her peers .
Mary has some words of encouragement for other kids out there who are hoping for miracles of their own . She says , “ Even when it seems like it ’ s impossible , you just have to believe in yourself .”