The Anatomy of Working out with Weights The Anatomy of Working out with Weights - Page 6

Chapter 4

Identifying Workouts with specific muscle groups

Pectoralis-Incline, Decline, and Flat Bench press

Deltoids-Overhead Dumbbell Press, Lateral Dumbbell Raises and Seated Rear Dumbbell Raises

Latissimus Dorsi-Pullups (Chin-ups), Bent-Over Rows, and One-Arm Dumbbell Rows

Triceps-Overhead Triceps Extensions, Lying Overhead Triceps Extensions, Cable Rope Extensions

Biceps-Standing Barbell Curls, Preacher Curls, Seated Dumbbell Curls

Abdominals-Crunches and Reverse Crunces

Sartorius/Rectus Femoris-Free Weight Squats, Leg Presses, Dumbbell Lunges, Stiff-Legged Deadlifts, and Lying Leg Curls

Gastrocnemius-Seated Calf Raises and Standing Heel Raises