The Anatomy of C.R.A.M.: The Prologue June 2021 | Page 12

Nature and Man : Experiencing and Expressing

When all the world ' s a stage , we have to perform . And we are never alone . There is so much to experience - from the grounds we stand on to the birds that fly and insects that creep . Look at the way the cat moves , with utmost precision , as it waits to pounce on the seemingly unassuming pigeon . Listen to the pigeon as it flaps its wings and takes flight in less than a second . There is so much to experience from the sights and sounds .
And then , there is the gamut of how we express ourselves too . Flowers for love . Pigeons for peace . A quick glance . A smile . A flick of the finger . Things that can be easily understood .
After all , life is not quite a process of discovery , but a constant process of creation . The sum of every feeling that we have ever experienced and expressed , nourishes our soul - it allows us to create with our body , mind and spirit .
VOLUME : Locate the skeletal system . Where can it move to ?