The Alltech Feeding Times Issue 36 - Winter 2021 Winter 2021 - Page 8

A NEW TOOL TO MEASURE YEAST EFFICACY IN DAIRY COWS Yeast supplementation is a common practice to improve the efficiency of feed utilization and performance in dairy cows .

It is well-known that supplements containing live yeast can improve rumen fermentation and the digestive process by stabilizing rumen pH and stimulating the growth of beneficial microbial populations . These positive changes can be attributed to growth factors , including peptides , and the effect on the rumen anaerobiosis to create optimal conditions for the rumen microflora .
Good rumen function will ensure optimal feed intake and digestive efficiency in dairy cows , while poor rumen function can negatively impact feed intake , health and overall cow performance . Formulating the ration correctly and understanding how the individual ingredients in the ration work together can help keep the dairy cow ’ s rumen and digestive system functioning properly .
How can you ensure that good formulations will lead to the expected results ?
Published research and decades of use in the field suggest that most dairy diets respond positively to Yea-Sacc ® , a yeast culture based on Saccharomyces cerevisiae that stimulates the growth of fiber-digesting and lactic acid-utilizing bacteria in the rumen . These microbial changes directly result in :
• A stable rumen pH , which is conducive to better fiber digestion and a reduced risk of rumen acidosis
• Improved feed intake
• Enhanced milk yield and components
However , not all formulation strategies react the same way . As a result , there may be instances in which supplementation with Yea-Sacc does not yield the expected results .