The Alltech Feeding Times Issue 36 - Winter 2021 Winter 2021 - Page 2

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Making agri-food science more palatable for the consumer Dr . Anne Koontz discusses how clear and effective communication with those outside of the industry helps to illustrate the true environmental impact of animal production .

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A new tool to measure yeast efficacy in dairy cows Get the first look at the new testing system that lets you know exactly how well your supplements perform in your dairy diet .

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A beef producer ’ s perspective on the future of protein security BEEF magazine blogger Amanda Radke lays out her thoughts , beliefs and advice for the future of the beef industry .

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How to control ammonia levels in poultry houses Practical advice on how to tackle gas concentrations that can prove harmful for your flock and your workers .


. 17
Zinc oxide ban : What you need to know
Pig production is taking its first steps toward an unprecedented future . How will this affect your operation , and how can you benefit from this new landscape ?

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Taking crops to the next level Bringing together traditional and biological input solutions to enhance the crop industry .