The Alltech Feeding Times Issue 36 - Winter 2021 Winter 2021 - Page 10


The following is an edited transcript of the Ag Future podcast episode , hosted by Tom Martin , featuring Amanda Radke . Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify .
Amanda Radke is a fifth-generation cattle rancher from Mitchell , South Dakota , and a blogger for BEEF Magazine who has dedicated her career to serving as a voice for the nation ’ s beef producers . She travels the country speaking to agricultural groups about hot industry topics .

Amanda joins us to talk about a recent experience as a panelist at an Alltechsponsored conference leading up to the U . N . Food System Summit , where she brought a producer ’ s perspective to an important discussion about the efficient use of resources . Welcome to Ag Future , Amanda .

Well , thanks for having me .
The panel that you participated in looked at the future of protein security and how to maximize the efficiency of production resources without unintended social , cultural and environmental consequences . You were the only producer on that panel . And first of all , I ’ m wondering if you went into the discussion anticipating having to defend production practices .
Yeah . I kind of chuckled because I felt , “ Oh , I ’ m missing the ‘ Ph . D .’ behind my name . I ’ m not sure if I ’ m qualified to speak on this .” And , you know , the Alltech folks assured me , “ No , no , we want someone that ’ s actually , you know , managing the land and taking care of the cattle and can offer that perspective .”
And so , I was really proud to be able to represent beef producers from here and around the world and highlight some of the things that we already do very well in regards to managing our land and responsibly taking