The Alltech Feeding Times Issue 34 - Summer 2021 Summer 2021 - Page 2

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Buiding consumer trust through food chain transparency Marianne Smith Edge believes that consumers are craving healthier foods and want more trust and transparency in the food supply chain .

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How do we verify sustainable animal feed in ruminant production ? Animal feed is integral to profitable and efficient dairy and beef farming and plays a crucial role in lowering agri-food ’ s environmental impact .

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Water quality and concerns for beef cattle Testing water and understanding the issues influencing quality and intake are vital to making informed beef herd nutrition and management decisions .

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Gut health : An economic proposition Poultry technical manager Emily Marshall explains how gut health in commercial poultry species is key to efficiency , performance and , ultimately , profitability .


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New challenges and opportunities for pork production in 2021
So far , this year has gone against expectations , bringing high ingredient prices , which have lead to slim profit margins .

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Effects of nutritional deficiency in plant production
All plants have specific nutrient requirements . Getting the balance right is essential for growing the optimal crop .