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A Message to the Community The Arlington Police Department is proud to present its Advancing 21 st Century Policing Report to the Community. This report was written and compiled during times of great challenge and social conflict involving the role and function of police in our society. Officer involved shootings and in-custody deaths have re-ignited the national conversation about police use of force. This issue has exposed an absence of trust and legitimacy between law enforcement and segments of our society, particularly communities of color. A 21 st Century Policing Task Force was created at the national level to identify best practices and offer recommendations on how policing in America can promote effective crime reduction while building trust and promoting officer wellness and safety. Police Chief Will Johnson The Arlington Police Department is proud to have been one of 15 law enforcement agencies selected to lead this national initiative. Our commitment to community policing and procedural justice is helping us build trust and police legitimacy in our community. In 2017, we assembled a committee of uniform and civilian staff led by Lt. Brook Rollins. Their task was to inventory what we do and determine how it aligns with the six pillars set forth in the 21 st Century Policing National Report. These six pillars are commonly known as the “Gold Standards of Policing.” We have identified each pillar in this report. Lt. Brook Rollins, Chair Many individuals in this organization contributed to this effort. In reality, this report reflects the organization’s commitment to our core values and the unwavering support we receive from the community. A report like this provides an important forum for the review and discussion of what is most critical to our community. We thank you for your continued support and we welcome your comments and feedback on this report. Send ideas to [email protected]. Will D. Johnson Police Chief 3