The 289 Register News No 38 Winter 2010 - Page 24

EXECUTOR copy:Layout 1 28/4/10 15:15 Page 1 The New Sebring Style 289 Available in Kit Form from £6,400 + VAT An accurate replica of one of the most famous 289 race cars of all time, which can be built using the suspension from the Rostyle MGB, making it very affordable. It can of course, be upgraded like others in this range, to accept the Jaguar IRS and Hawk adjustable front suspension. For further details, contact: Hawk Cars Ltd Oakdene Riverhall Hill Frant East Sussex TN3 9EP Tel: (01892) 750341 / 750282 Fax: (01892) 750071 The 289 Register Newsletter, designed and produced by Phil Riley. 07546 104 480