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thing should have been touched .” Rosella “ Rosa ” McAllister Wyatt ( 1830-1914 ) was the daughter of G . W . McAllister , and had been well known in the North as a “ belle ” from her family ’ s many vacations to Newport , RI .
By the early 20th century the house had been sold to Habersham Clay , Strathy Hall had evolved into a much larger house , which featured a gambrel roof and numerous additions , including a library wing . The original shed-roof porch had been replaced with a hipped-roof one , and the nineover-nine and six-over-six windows had been replaced by the current two-over-two and diamond pane windows . When Henry Ford bought the house in 1925 , it had 11 bedrooms and a gambrel roof . He returned it back to the plain style .
June and Neill Baylor moved into the house in 1967 ; it had no electricity and no indoor plumbing . They rented from International Paper until 1972 , when Strathy Hall and the land surrounding it became threatened by development . In an attempt to protect the house and land she had come to love , June petitioned International Paper to pull out five acres on which the house stood . With their petition granted , they purchased Strathy Hall that same year and attached the kitchen house to the rear façade . The oak avenue to the side of the house that was the commercial entrance for the rice plantation was saved , although the oak avenue that led all the way to Highway 144 was unfortunately lost . It was through their arduous efforts that Strathy Hall House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places , unfortunately the avenue of oaks remains unprotected .

When Katherine and David Slagel moved in , they set about renovating the house with a keen eye for preserving its original character and efforts of the previous owners , all while doing it in such a way that would meet their needs as a young family with children . A second-story addition was constructed on top of the Ford-era kitchen house to include a master bedroom for Katherine and David . “ Our goal was for it to look authentically renovated , but we didn ’ t want to live in a museum and we didn ’ t want to affect the plain style of the house ,” says Katherine . To achieve a cohesive look , they used pine siding , windows with a diamond pane upper sash and paneled shutters that matched the existing windows , bringing the total number of windows in the house to 44 .

Through Katherine ’ s skill as an interior designer and lifelong passion for historic preservation , the Slagel ’ s managed to comfortably bring Strathy Hall into the 21st century before selling the property to Richard and Deanna Appleton in 2018 .
In their short time living at Strathy Hall , the Appleton ’ s have made many discoveries and restorations on the property . To learn more about these restorations and other stories , visit RichmondHillReflections . com .
Strathy Hall Plantation is a private residence and is not open to the public .
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