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Once the residence of the well-known McAllister family and the seat of one of the largest rice plantations along the Georgia coast , this historic Strathy Hall estate has an elegant yet unpretentious air about it . It sits in a grove of majestic live oaks on the Ogeechee in the Strathy Hall subdivision , surrounded by grand lush crepe myrtles , boxwoods , and magnolias that date back to the 18th century . Today , home of the Appleton family , we share their love affair with the lovely white house named Strathy Hall .

The house , built circa 1838 , is a classic example of the antebellum plain style – a wooden framed house of two-overtwo rooms with a shed room extension across the rear facade . Probably built as a replacement for an earlier house ( believed to have burnt down ), the land it sits on was granted in 1756
to Captain James MacKay ( 1718-1785 ), as a land grant of 1,400 acres along the Ogeechee River . He named the land “ Strathy Hall ” after his ancestral estate in Scotland , Strathnaver , and developed it into a profitable rice plantation . It was MacKay who planted the ancient magnolia and live oak trees that surround the house today .
George Washington McAllister ( 1781-1850 ) purchased Strathy Hall in 1817 and built the house standing today around 1838 . By 1850 , McAllister had expanded his operation and become one of the wealthiest families on the Georgia coast . Joseph Longworth McAllister ( 1820-1864 ), who inherited Strathy Hall from his father , generously donated the land that would become Fort McAllister during the Civil War . The McAllisters fled to different locations in Georgia during the war , leaving the Strathy Hall house unoccupied .
Historic photos and more information can be found on the Coastal Bryan Heritage Trail .
The house was used as the union headquarters after the battle of Ft . McAllister . Upon their return after the war ended , they found written on one wall in the house , “ Had we known that this was the house of Rosa McAllister , not a
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