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Historic Homesites in Richmond Hill

Everyone has places that are important to them ; Places they care about . Places with significance enough that communities rally to save them .

This Place Matters , a national campaign that encourages people to celebrate the places that are meaningful to them and to their communities , is an initiative set forth by the National Trust for Historic Preservation [ National Trust ]. This Place Matters became an exciting mission to join for the Richmond Hill Historical Society [ The Society ] after Mayor Russ Carpenter announced the proclamation naming the month of May , Historic Preservation Month in Richmond Hill . The proclamation was intended to promote historic places , instill community pride , encourage heritage tourism and show the benefits of historic preservation .
One might pass by significant places without a thought — maybe not realizing how much they matter , or maybe they are lost in today ’ s news . This initiative gives our community a chance at making these locations known .
Historic districts and local landmarks increase our property values and give us a better quality of life . Historic sites promote heritage tourism , which is also good for our economy . We must commit to thinking deeply and opening the dialogue about the importance of place and preservation in all of our lives . Share your favorite sites and tag The Richmond Hill ( Georgia Historical Society on Facebook . Be sure to use the hashtag # thisplacematters .
Check out the Heritage Trail for many other places of importance . Find more information on page 86 .
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