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Johnson Creek travels along the south side of St .

Catherine ’ s Island , leading to Sapelo Sound . Here , you cross from the south beach of St . Catherine ’ s over to the north beach of Blackbeard Island . Blackbeard Island is off the beaten path and has been federally owned since 1800 . It ’ s a beautiful national wildlife refuge full of incredible walking trails , and two-thirds of the exterior of the island offers white sandy beaches with lots of shells .
cackling marsh hens and smell the rich tidal estuary . Blackbeard Island is on your left , and Sapelo Island is on your right . A couple locations in the creek have a prehistoric Jurassic atmosphere . The first one is along the bank of Blackbeard Island starting at the curve of Nelson ’ s Bluff . It ’ s a high bluff of rolling sand dunes , overgrown by scrub saw palmettos and moss covered oaks , where the current of the creek has carved a steep bank .
Not far , on the Sapelo side of the creek , there ’ s an even higher area named Raccoon Bluff , a completely different type of land formation of clay instead of sand , but also with fallen trees .

Soon , after passing both bluffs , there ’ s a slight curve , a high sandy area , a bluff of beach dunes covered in sea oats . Look closely , you can see a few walking paths cut through the steep sand bank . Here you definitely

Reaching this island , turn your boat a short distance , following the channel . Stay close to the island thereby avoiding two large ballast rock piles located in the area much further off the bank . Staying right , hugging the island close on your left , you ’ ll enter Blackbeard Creek — a favorite of many nature lovers .
This creek , full of character , winds its way through a wildlife refuge between two barrier islands . Listen for want to peek at what ’ s on the other side of the sea oats . In a matter of feet lies a secluded beach , like a hidden secret , on the Atlantic Ocean . Continuing in the creek to its nearby ocean entrance , Cabretta Inlet . You ’ ll find the remote unspoiled beachfronts of Blackbeard and Sapelo , as far as you can see . This is just a glimpse into the extensive amounts of nature , history and fishing along our coastline .
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