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as pulling them off sandbars . Yes , there are sandbars . To avoid them in the Ogeechee , the recommendation is to stay on the outside bends of the river where the currents dig a channel .
From the marina , head east in the Ogeechee , towards the ocean , until you reach the Intracoastal Waterway ( ICW ), then head south along the four barrier islands .

The ICW consists of saltwater rivers , creeks and sounds connecting to one another just inside our barrier islands that parallel the coastline . The islands sometimes act as barriers to natural forces off the ocean : storms , currents and winds — making the ICW a great path in our waters for traveling south ( or north ).

Turn south ( right ) upon reaching the ICW at red marker “ 98 .” Go around this marker , in your right turn , keeping the boat in the channel — so you won ’ t have to call Sea Tow . On your chart , this will be called the Florida Passage and it leads into Bear River .
As you proceed south , on your left is Ossabaw Island , Georgia ’ s third largest barrier island . Ossabaw and its surrounding marsh encompass 25,000 acres . Visiting this island is a full day in itself . Ossabaw is owned by the state , and you must prearrange your visit — unless you visit the open-to-the-public south beach area . Since we ’ re heading south , it ’ s perfect .

Approaching the southern end of Ossabaw , the island ’ s white sandy beaches are on your left , and St . Catherine ’ s Sound is in front of you . Across the sound lies nature-filled St . Catherine ’ s Island . Straight across St . Catherine ’ s Sound leads to Walburg Creek , and the north end of St . Catherine ’ s Island . Look for Bald Eagles , ospreys , hogs , deer and alligators here ! tip

1 We recommend you always use a GPS and depth finder when boating .
2 Keep your radio on and follow DNR and Coast Guard regulations .
3 Boat safely and be kind to our natural environment !
On the northern tip of this island is a spectacular boneyard of fallen pines and oaks . Their large trunks lay barely in the water , a light gray , appearing like bones , saltwashed and bleached from sun . Next is the island ’ s north beach , a favorite for relaxing and wading . St . Catherine ’ s is a privately-owned island . While there , be respectful and keep in mind that we are allowed on land only up to the high-tide line , known as the “ high water mark .”
Continuing southward , we move through Walburg Creek . It ’ s not part of the ICW , but it leads back into it . Walburg Creek opens up into the ICW and North Newport River . Now , let ’ s make a left turn , heading south into the ICW . You ’ ll only be in the North Newport River for a few minutes . Take the first left , following the ICW , into Johnson Creek .
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