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The End of Sherman , s March to the Sea


For centuries the rising and ebbing tides of the Great Ogeechee River at Fort McAllister State Historic Park have mirrored the currents of history , connecting Native American life , the valor of Civil War soldiers through to the Henry Ford Era and on to presentday visitors .” • Located on the banks of the Ogeechee River , this scenic park showcases the best-preserved earthwork

fortification of the Confederacy . The earthworks were attacked seven times by Union ironclads but did not fall until 1864 — ending General William T . Sherman ’ s “ March to the Sea .” Visitors can explore the grounds with cannons , a hot shot furnace , bombproof barracks , palisades , and more , while a Civil War museum contains artifacts , a video , and gift shop . Nestled among giant live oaks , Spanish moss and salt marsh , this park is a beautiful location for camping , fishing , boating and picnicking . Seven cottages sit on stilts near the marsh , surrounded by palm trees and palmettos . The shaded campground is bordered by tidal Red Bird Creek , a boat ramp , fishing dock and nature trail . A large picnic area offers river views , playground and exercise equipment , while another boat ramp provides access to the Ogeechee River .
Stops 20 – 22 are at Fort McAllister on the Coastal Bryan Heritage Trail . Download the FREE APP and explore more of the history of Richmond Hill , Georiga , Henry Ford ’ s Southern Town .
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