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1 . The “ R ” in the City ’ s Logo . Have you noticed that several brands , including the City of Richmond Hill ’ s , have a distinctive icon that looks like the letter “ R ”? This icon is actually indicative of the Seven Mile Bend , one of the many interesting and special places on our list of historical markers . See page 62 for an aerial view of the bend and a

little about the story .

2 . Gnats . Some call them no-see-ums , some call them

sand gnats , either way , they are tiny and pesky and most aggravating at the ballpark . NoNatz ( bug spray ) and inscense work great to keep them at bay .

3 . Roundabouts . There are several in town . As long

as one actually yields , they are quite effective and have improved our traffic situation quite a bit .

4 . Road Construction . If you have just arrived , you ’ ve

missed the bulk of the construction process . The orange cone corridor is almost complete and the end of the project is in sight . Doesn ’ t it look great ?

5 . Cherokee Roses . Although they are

not indigenousto our area , they are indeed the State flower . Blooming in late Spring , they symbolize the soon-to-arrive summer heat .

6 . Love Bugs . They come and go twice a year — once in the spring and once in the fall , typically only hanging

around for a few weeks at a time .

7 . Ford . Ford Avenue is named for

Mr . Henry Ford . The auto magnate was also drawn in by the Southern charm of Richmond Hill , making it his winter home all those years ago .

8 . Seasonal Change . There isn ’ t much in terms of

temperature fluctuation . Cool , warm , hot and blazing are the four seasons here , but it makes for ample opportunities
to enjoy the beautiful great outdoors .

9 . Horse Flies . The theory is they only

visit from Mother ’ s Day to Father ’ s Day . Not too long , so we don ’ t give them a lot
of thought .

10 . Sandbars Move . Every single year , the relentless

back and forth motion of our tidal rivers causes a shift in sandbar location . If you are a boater , be sure your depth finder is in good working order , or take your maiden voyage for the year at low tide to get a good look at the topography of this year ’ s riverbed .
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