The 1st Annual TDS Creative Awards (program) February 20, 2021 - Page 4

WELCOME to the TDS Awards

We ’ re finally here ! One year ago today , The Dark Sire held its first live author event , celebrating the works of John Kiste , David Crerand , and S . M . Cook . At the event , all three authors joined together in a discussion panel , read their works to a packed audience , and signed copies of the thencurrent Issue 2 . That was a long time ago ! Now we enter a new year and a new purpose for coming together .
The 1 st Annual TDS Creative Awards was planned not long after the first author event . In fact , to commemorate that first TDS gathering , I decided to hold an awards ceremony every Feb . 20 so we ’ d never forget where we came from .
Tonight is a special evening in itself , where authors , poets , and artists are all celebrated for their mastery and talent – be it with the pen or the paintbrush . We ’ re here to congratulate those creatives who shine brighter than the rest . And I ’ m not just referring to the winners !
All of the creatives here tonight – from inside or outside TDS – are winners . To them , I say : You won the moment you finished and submitted your work . It takes a lot of strength to put yourself out into the world . Not just anyone can do that . And for your strength and perseverance , I applaud you .
Congratulations , everyone ! You deserve the best . And I ’ m glad to be part of your journey .
In appreciation ,
Bre Stephens , TDSEditor