The 1st Annual TDS Creative Awards (program) February 20, 2021 - Page 3

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Hosted by The Dark Sire literary magazine Published by BSC Publishing Group
Live event presented on Zoom with After Party hosted on Facebook Rooms through
TDS Readers Lounge .
Cover art by Dena Simard Copyright © 2019
Dena Simard is a 56-year-old accountant who yearns to make art . She began painting in 2019 and chose watercolors because she wanted to challenge herself – and heard watercolor was the hardest . She then discovered alcohol inks in 2020 and started dabbling in that . Dena has sold a few watercolor paintings to friends who have requested pet portraits . Other than that , she creates art to settle the right side of her brain , which , besides painting , includes jewelry making and scrapbooking . The piece presented here is alcohol inks on Yupo paper , called “ Nothing to Smile About .”