Texoma Area Living Well Magazine May/June 2020 - Page 44

Wisdom Teeth: Is it wise to keep them? Do I really need to remove my wisdom teeth, they don’t hurt? Through the studies of ancient tribes there was a time where one’s jaws were big enough to accommodate 32 teeth. Through environment and dietary changes we no longer have room for the third set of molars, also called wisdom teeth. When these teeth cannot erupt in to the mouth correctly they often become “impacted” or stuck in a crooked position. This impaction causes several problems which are not always painful including: • Damage to other teeth: by crowding and pushing other teeth causing pain and bite problems • Jaw damage: cysts can form around the third molars causing bone loss and damage to the nerve • Sinus Issues: pain, pressure and congestion • Inflamed gums: tissue can swell and may be hard to keep clean & lead to gum infection • Cavities: swollen, infected gums can create pockets between teeth that help bacteria form and cavities will develop • Alignment: the third molars can cause crowding and create the need for orthodontics to straighten teeth for a healthy smile • Vertigo: commonly known as dizziness which is caused by the pressure of the wisdom teeth on the nerve which leads to the ear, which also controls one’s balance The jaw bone has no feeling other than the nerve that runs through it and connects to teeth from under the roots; unless your problem affects the actual nerve you may have no pain but that does not mean there is no problem-not yet! Please call our office at 903-868-9850 to have a complete exam and x-rays to assess your mouth. Call the office to arrange a consultation today at 903-868-9850. 1005 E. Sara Swamy Sherman, TX 75090 903-868-9850 drsamcan.com