Texoma Area Living Well Magazine May/June 2020 - Page 37

with rewards in place. For example, older children can make breakfast for the younger ones. Make sure you have time frames for chores. Some children are still doing on- line school, which is important to finish. The main thing is put together a “schedule” and options of activities for your children. Here is a sample structure block with activity ideas for each period of the day: — Breakfast — Morning chores — Activities: Paint, write a story, put on a play, read a book, draw, basketball in driveway, chalk on sidewalk, physical activity in the backyard — Lunch — Rest time after lunch (mandatory rest time). Everyone goes to their own space for at least an hour, even if they do not nap. This gives each parent their time too. — Afternoon activities — Dinner — Family walk/bike ride… (something outside if possible) **At least one night a week is family night where you watch a movie together, do board games, play cards or charades. **At least one night a week is “family share night,” where everyone comes together and talks about things that have bothered them, good things they have en- joyed, etc. This time will give children (and parents) the opportunity to express their feelings and be heard. I hope you find this article helpful! Remember, parents you are the hub, you are the teachers, and this pan- demic shall pass. Have each other’s back, be slow to speak, slow to anger, and quick to listen––little eyes are watching. Georgia Smith-Lyle, MA, LPC-S is in private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas providing counseling for children, adolescents, adults, marriage and family. She has authored two books and is a public speaker. Georgia may be reached at 469-855-0256 or via email gpsmith7@aol.com. www.counselingbygeorgia.com TEXOMA AREA Living Well Magazine | MAY/JUNE 2020 35