Texoma Area Living Well Magazine May/June 2020 - Page 26

MAY/JUNE 2020 SPOTLIGHT RYAN REYNOLDS America’s Canadian superhero comes to the rescue. Ryan Reynolds is about as American as they come, except for the fact he’s Canadian. The irony is not lost when you consider the actor’s most popular role to date is Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson, a Marvel superhero born in Canada, but who grew up to become the least Canadian person ever. Reynolds shares another thing in common with Deadpool, he’s one of the most relentlessly wisecracking heroes in the universe (aka Instagram). If you’ve been passing time during the Covid-19 quarantine following the 43-year-old Reynolds on Instagram, where he entertains his 35.8 million followers with frequent bon mots and hilarious swipes at equally “Insta” funny wife Blake Lively, it’s clear that he uses his wit for forces of good. Continues, page 26 By Sondra Barr 24 TEXOMA AREA Living Well Magazine | MAY/JUNE 2020