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TORY San Luis Obispo T he earliest human inhabitants San Luis Obispo was also a popular of the local area were the stop on both U.S. Route 101 and Chumash peoples. One of the California State Route 1 with the earliest villages lies south of San Luis rise of car culture. Due to its popu- Obispo, and reflects the landscape of larity as a stop, it was the location of the early Holocene when estuaries came the first motel, the Milestone Mo-Tel. farther inland. These Chumash people Among San Luis Obispo’s histori- exploited marine resources of the inlets cal buildings is the former San Luis and bays along the Central Coast and Obispo Carnegie Library, located at inhabited a network of villages including 696 Monterey Street. sites at Los Osos and Morro Creek. >>>>>> 4