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exists beneath the city. CSU system”, Poly Royal One of the largest Mardi began drawing over 100,000 Gras parades West of the people from throughout the Mississippi used to be held state, including 126,000 in San Luis Obispo, but it people in 1985. Concerts, has been canceled recently parties, and other enter- because of difficulties re- tainment were added and it lated to crowd control and earned $3–4 million in reve- alcohol consumption. nue for the city every year. Cal Poly’s open house, Poly Following a “mini-riot” in Royal, was held annually 1989 at an off-campus from 1933 to 1990. It was apartment during Poly Roy- canceled in 1945 due to al, the events in 1990 would war rationing. It began as a cancel the event “indefinite- show-and-tell for students ly.” Two nights of rioting on to display their projects. April 28–29 led to 127 ar- It traces its origins to the rests, over 100 injuries and 1904 Farmer’s Institute 14 police injuries on top of and Picnic Basket. By the “several hundred thousand 1980s, as the college be- dollars” worth of damage. came “the most popular... A liquor store near campus, university in the 19-campus Campus Bottle, was de- stroyed by revelers demanding alcohol. The second nioff-campus were broken up and revelers flooded the streets. Mayor Dunin called the events “the worst experience in the history of San Luis Obispo.” After a meeting between Mayor Dunin and University President Warren Baker the following Monday, Poly Royal was canceled from that point forward. The name Poly Royal returned in 2001 as “Open House Presents Poly Royal”, a scaled down version that was designed for students and parents. San Luis Obispo has been >>>>>> 14