test 1 Practical Photoshop - April 2018 UK - Page 4

5 SPLIT TONING TRICKS 1 CHOOSING A COLOR TOOL Selections play such a big part in all kinds of projects – whether it’s making cut-outs or selective tonal adjustments. The Quick Selection tool is hands down the best tool Photoshop ofers for making diicult selections of irregular shapes. It automatically seeks out and snaps on to edges as you paint; as you build up a selection, it learns and adapts to target the details you need while excluding the rest. Simply paint with the tool to select shapes; hold Alt while painting to remove the selection in areas you don’t want. Quick Selection also appears in the Select And Mask command. It’s a good idea to run complex selections through Select And Mask to improve the edge. WATCH THE VIDEO https://goo.gl/UcGnLN