test 1 Practical Photoshop - April 2018 UK - Page 28

GET CREATIVE WITH COLLAGES Discover four ways to slice up your photos for inventive results, from Hockney-esque collages to stylish geometric patterns RIPPED PAPER STRIP LINES BEFORE RETRO COLLAGE WATCH THE VIDEO https://goo.gl/b4YLLK GEOMETRIC SHAPE TOP TRANSFORMING TIPS All of the techniques explained here involve transforming and moving your image in diferent ways so that portions of it sit over other design elements. As such, it helps if you know a few transforming tricks. When you use the Move tool, tick Show Transform Controls in the tool options at the top and you’ll see a bounding box appear around the currently selected layer. Click on this to begin transforming. Drag the corner points of the box to resize the layer, or drag outside the box to rotate it. Hold Shift while resizing to constrain the image proportions, and Alt to resize from the centre point. (Shift+Alt does both at once.) Right-click while transforming for more options. DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT FILES HERE http://bit.ly/2prCXRj ON YOUR PC OR MAC