test 1 Practical Photoshop - April 2018 UK - Page 17

2 USE COMPARE When you’re judging the strength of sharpening, noise reduction or any other task that requires scrutiny, it helps to compare your adjusted image with the original version to see the improvement. Click the rectangular before/after view icon in the bottom-left of the image window to cycle through diferent views. 3 ZOOM TO 100% 4 RADIUS It’s best to judge sharpening and noise reduction at 100% view, as this shows the actual pixels you’re editing. Double-click the Zoom tool to jump straight to 100% view in Camera Raw. To zoom back out and it the entire image on-screen, double-click the Hand tool. Sharpening’s Radius setting works in combination with Amount. Sharpening works by applying contrast along edges in the image – the lighter edge will get brighter, while the darker edge will be darkened more. Radius determines the distance from the edge in which that contrast change occurs.