test 1 Practical Photoshop - April 2018 UK - Page 13

6 SYNC ADJUSTMENTS It’s easy to copy local adjustments – simply Alt-drag the pin. This is especially useful for portraits, as you can copy an adjustment from one eye to the other. If you have several similar photos, you can apply local adjustments across the entire set by syncing the images. 7 GET WHITER TEETH With the Adjustment Brush, dial in -30 Saturation and +0.2 Exposure, then paint roughly over the teeth. Next use Range Masking to constrain the efect to the teeth. Set Range Mask: Color then grab the Eyedropper and Shift-click a few times to target the teeth. 8 TWEAK ALL SETTINGS AT ONCE While making selective adjustments, you often end up tweaking several tonal settings at once – for example, you might want to increase Clarity, Exposure and Saturation. Here’s a neat trick for ine-tuning the settings. Hold Alt and drag over the point to the left or right, and all the settings within will change together.