test 1 Practical Photoshop - April 2018 UK - Page 12

4 SOFTEN SKIN Selectively applied, negative Clarity can result in an efective skin smoothing efect. It’s not as reined as some Photoshop skin smoothing techniques, but it’s ine for a quick ix. Simply grab the Adjustment Brush, click the minus icon next to Clarity a couple of times, then paint over the skin. Be careful not to go over sharp details like the eyes or lips. 5 ENHANCE THE IRISES The eyes are the most important part of any portrait, so applying a subtle boost here is guaranteed to add impact to your shot. Grab the Adjustment Brush from the toolbar, then dial in some positive Exposure, Clarity and Saturation. Paint precisely over the iris with a small brush (making sure to exclude the pupil) then ine-tune the tonal sliders.