test 1 Practical Photoshop - April 2018 UK | Page 8

2 SPLIT TONE WITH CURVES For a simple split-tone efect, irst convert to mono then try adjusting the top and bottom points of the curve line in the Tone Curve panel. In the Red channel, dragging up/left adds red, down/right adds cyan. In Green, up/left adds green, down/right adds magenta. In Blue, up/ left adds blue, down/ right adds yellow. 3 FINE CURVES CONTROL Diferent parts of the Tone Curve line afect diferent sections of the tonal range, from shadows (left side) to highlights (right side). This means you have ine control over the brightness and color. For example, if you select the Blue channel, lift the very bottom of the curve line then peg the rest back into place, you add blue just to the very darkest pixels.