test 1 Practical Photoshop - April 2018 UK | Page 36

TO BOLDLY GO… Learn how to blend your portraits with free images from Nasa, to make Photoshop composites that are out of this world Search for ‘Nasa images’ and you’ll (Nustar), PIA03606 (Crab Nebula). There are ind a huge array of photos of stars, plenty more to choose from, though. nebulae, galaxies, planets, astronauts and We’ve supplied a starting image here of more. Many of these images are high-res, and our chiselled astronaut, but why not use one they are free to download. As such, of your own portraits? All you need is you can make use of these incredible a photo of somebody against a dark images to create a composite black background. Ideally, light them that is stellar. For this project from behind and to the side like our we’ve made use of the following portrait here: this’ll help them stand images: PIA13005 (Orion Dream https://goo.gl/UkKoA9 out. We’ve also supplied a ile with Stars), PIA08653 (Sword of Orion), glowing wavy lines, so you can copy S89-51923 (helmet photo) PIA19821 those across to your image too. WATCH THE VIDEO DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT FILES HERE http://bit.ly/2prCXRj ON YOUR PC OR MAC